Oracle Apps Modules List


Oracle Apps is a short name for Oracle Applications. There are many other names that are in use for Oracle Apps, some of them are

  • Oracle Applications
  • Oracle ERP
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite
  • Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Apps is ERP system developed by Oracle Corporation.

It consists many modules, often grouped into product families. Oracle apps ERP is in use since 30+ years, initially started with oracle financials and expanded to manufacturing, logistics, supply chain planning, product life cycle management & customer relationship management. Industry specific modules are also available for Healthcare, Aerospace, Life Sciences, High Tech industries.

Oracle Apps product families and related module offerings:

Application Administration

  • i Setups
  • Alerts
  • Trading Community Architecture


  • e-commerce gateway
  • Workflow
  • XML gateway
  • Report Manager
  • Web Applications Desktop Integrator

Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing
  • Trade Management
  • TeleSales
  • Field Sales
  • Sales for Handhelds
  • Quoting
  • Partner Management
  • Proposals
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Price Protection
  • Contracts
  • Sales Contracts
  • Sales offline
  • Territory Manager
  • Web Analytics and Administration

Order Management


Supply Chain Planning



  • Work In Process
  • Bills Of Material
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Manufacturing Operations Center
  • Landed Cost Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Costing
  • Flow Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing – Subcontracting
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Process Manufacturing Cost Management
  • Process Manufacturing Process Planning
  • Process Manufacturing Process Execution
  • Process Manufacturing Product Development
  • Process Manufacturing Quality Management
  • Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management
  • Process Manufacturing System Administration
  • Capacity
  • Manufacturing Scheduling
  • Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning


  • TeleService
  • Service Contracts
  • Field Service
  • Depot Repair
  • iSupport
  • Install Base
  • Service Contracts
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Knowledge Management
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Spares Management


  • Project Costing
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Project Portfolio Analysis
  • Project Contracts
  • Project Billing

Real Estate Management

  • Property Manager

Product Life cycle Management


  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivables
  • General Ledger
  • Advanced Collections
  • Internet Expenses
  • iReceivables
  • Treasury
  • Internal Controls Manager
  • Financial Consolidation Hub
  • Financial Services Accounting Hub
  • Accounts Receivable Deductions Settlement
  • Chaannel Rebate and Point of sale management
  • Revenue Management
  • Supplier Ship and Debit
  • Assets
  • iAssets
  • Cash Management
  • Treasury
  • Bill Presentment
  • Credit Management
  • Advanced Global Intercompany
  • Public Sector Budgetting
  • Public Sector Financials
  • U.S. Federal Financials
  • E-Business Tax
  • Lease and Finance
  • Enterprise Performance Foundation
  • Performance Management

Human Resources

  • Human Resources
  • Self-Service Human Resources
  • Advanced Benefits
  • iRecruitment
  • Payroll
  • Time and Labor
  • HR Intelligence
  • Succession Planning
  • Labor Distribution

Learning Management

  • Learning Management (formerly Training Administration)
  • iLearning

Customer Data Management

  • Customer Data Librarian
  • Customer Data Hub

Product Information Management

  • Product Information Management Data Librarian
  • Product Information Management Data Hub

Interaction Center Technology

  • Advanced Inbound Telephony
  • Advanced Outbound Telephony
  • Scripting
  • eMail Center


  • CRL Financial Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Telco Provisioning
  • Number Portability
  • Telecommunications Billing Integrator

Public Sector/University

  • Student System
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Recruiting
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Grants
  • Loans

Financial Services

  • Regulatory Capital Manager
  • Profitability Manager
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Transfer Pricing Online
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Risk Manager
  • Financial Data Manager
  • Financial Services Provisioning
  • Lease Management


  • Adverse Event Reporting System
  • Clinical
  • Remote Data Capture
  • Thesaurus Management System
  • Clinical TrialMinder
  • Clinical SiteMinder
  • Life Sciences Data Hub
  • Healthcare Transaction Base

High Tech

  • Shop Floor Management
  • Supply Chain Planning Connector for RosettaNet

Aerospace, Defense and Transportation

  • Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

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  1. I have been working in Oracle apps space for the past 5 years, honestly I never knew oracle has such wide coverage with so many new modules.
    Good job posting all module links and overview blog posts.

  2. its all corporate tacticts to get additional license revenue by introducing new modules, without adding much functionality.

  3. Honestly very good list of all oracle apps ERP modules. Brief overviews also helps.

  4. Actually ,its good to hear that oracle is having modules in healthcare too….

  5. Please help on below requirement how to map in oracle AR
    Some of our Belgian clients have a 3% discount when they pay within 8 days from invoice date.
    The VAT is for those clients then calculated on the discounted amount (= total – discount), but then added to the non discounted total.
    100€ – 3% discount = 97€
    21% VAT on 97€ = 20.37€
    100€ + 20.37 = 120.37€
    (For other clients without this 3% discount rule the calculation would have been: 100€ + 21% VAT = 121€)

  6. We are looking for professionals who can join us as Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultant with work experience in Finance/ SCM/ HRMS/ Projects with 6+ years in Oracle Apps. Location – Chennai. Interested mail to

  7. Hi,
    I am on the look out for Oracle EBS user list for USA market for sale.
    Looking forward to your response at the earliest.

  8. I am on the look out for Oracle EBS user list for USA market for sale.
    Looking forward to your response at the earliest.

  9. Hi All,

    Am aware about P2P and P2C cycles, but even there are many cycles like F2P, D2B e.t.c. If any one has any sort of document which is related to Business Cycle in Oracle APPS, please do share with me. My id is

    thanks in advance

    HanmatH PradeeP

  10. Hi friends,

    suggest me which is the best institute for oracle apps in hyderabad .


  12. GKY said on May 27, 2014

    Hi all, I am in my first implementation project. I have the licence for Telsales and Teleservis module. But I wanted to use the functionality of proposal approval, quote approval, content management and knowledge bas. will be able to use the functionality oracle proposals and quotations. Up to which extent we are allowed to us the othe modules with shared licence.
    kindly help me with some ideas.

  13. if any buddy knows best institute of Oracle certification in karachi please suggest.any buddy have some good idea to learn oracle financials R12 please share also have any ebook to share with me below is mentioned my email address.

  14. If anybody having oracle apps material pls send me

  15. Totally how many modules available in Oracle ?

  16. If anybody have ADF and OAF Related Document. Please share me . My mail id

  17. hi bro i am umer noor M.B.A marketing i would like to start my career in oracle

  18. please suggest me which module of oracle is best for me M.B.A marketing

  19. suggest me which is the best institute for oracle apps in hyderabad

  20. Please suggest on automation of H2R cycle using OATS.

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