Demantra Demand Management Overview

Demantra is a recent acquisition of Oracle, since then Oracle is strategically positioning Demantra in place of Oracle Demand Planning module that was developed by Oracle. Demantra is very well integrated with Oracle apps ERP and Oracle APS modules.

Demand Management covers forecasting of demand using statistical techniques and sales and operations planning to facilitate consensus demand and supply planning. Demand Management consist of three modules that can be licensed and implemented separately.

  • Demand Management (DM)
  • Advanced Forecasting & Demand Modeling (AFDM)
  • Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning (RTSOP)

Demantra Demand Management:
Demand management helps in understanding historical demand and predicting the future demand. Demand management cycle consists of

  • Collecting historical data
  • Generating forecast
  • Review and approve forecast
  • Publish the forecast
  • Analyze the forecast accuracy

Demantra Advanced Forecasting & Demand Modeling: This is extended module for demantra demand management. It supports six more forecasting methods listed below

  • Auto and Linear Regression (ARIX)
  • Auto Regressive Logistic (ARLOGISTIC)
  • Dual Multiplicative Linear Regression (DMULT)
  • Multiplicative Monte Carlo Regression for Intermittent
  • Multiplicative Monte Carlo Regression for Logistic (LOGISTIC)
  • Multiplicative Monte Carlo Regression for Modified Ridge Regression (MRIDGE)

Demantra Real-Time Sales & Operations Planning: Sales and Operations Planning brings different functions to collaborate in business demand and supply and operational planning. It consists of four critical steps

  • Demand Review
  • Supply Review
  • Finance Review
  • Executive Review

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