Oracle Work In Process Overview

Oracle WIP module facilitates in creating WIP job or work order to manufacture the goods. Oracle WIP supports discrete, repetitive, project and assemble-to-order (ATO) type of work orders.

Non-standard WIP Job: When the material and resources needed to manufacture is not pre-determined or pre-calculated then non-standard WIP job can facilitate issuing material and resources as needed. Prototype manufacturing is a good example to this.

WIP Accounting Classes: Accounting class is a setup that have pre-defined list of valuation and variance accounts. Each discrete job is assigned with a accounting class.

Out-Side-Processing (OSP): With more and more industries are moving towards Outsourcing or contract manufacturing, ERP systems should have functionality to send goods out and receive back after performing certain operations. Oracle WIP module have Out side processing (OSP) functionality to support this.

Work Order Less Completion (WOLC): This is an alternative to standard discrete job. In this method on-hand can be increased by performing WOLC transaction instead of creating a WIP Job. This functionality will be very useful if you are using other legacy system as your shop floor manufacturing tool and WIP is used for inventory tracking purpose.

Backflushing: When you manufacture a job or assembly you need to issue material or resources to the job, this can be done in two ways. Manually issuing or automatically backflushing. Backflushing deducts reduces the onhand of sub components and updates configuration of assembly being manufactured as components issued.

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  1. Out-Side-Processing (OSP) is avaiable only for Descrite manufacturing in Oracle apps r12.
    Is it any way to do it for OPM- Process Manufacturing?

  2. Priyanka – You may have find a workaround solution with contract manufacturing or setup a separate inventory organization for OSP.

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