Oracle Shipping Overview

Oracle Shipping module covers the picking, packing, containerization and shipping of goods to customers.

Pick Release: Pick release is an activity to confirm picking of goods from stock and keeping aside for shipping to a sales order. Normally pick release happens based on scheduled ship date on sales order. Pick release process can be done manually or automatically scheduled. Once pick release is activated it normally prints Pick ticket or Pick Slip for warehouse personnel to pick the material. Pickslip displays the information like Item, quantity, location from where it should be picked and destination place where it should be moved (eg. docking station). Pick release doesn’t decrements the onhand inventory but it decrements the available inventory for next picking.

Delivery: Delivery is a batch of sales order lines grouped together based on some criteria (criteria could be shipto location, sales order etc). Delivery can be automatically created by system during pick release or it can be manually created.

Trip: Trip is primarily the shipment routing plan, it has pick up location and drop off location. Most of the cases multiple deliveries can be grouped under a trip.

Ship confirm: It is an activity where it is confirmed systematically that goods are shipped from the warehouse that finaly reduces the onhand quantity and updates the install base with customer & sales order details.

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