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Quality R12 Enhancements

  • Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures (ERES) support to Service & Field service modules. You can capture quality results during
    • Service Request creation
    • Field Service Task Schedule and Dispatch
    • Completing/closing of Service Request
  • E-record notification – E-record notification contains old and new values with highlighted changes.
  • Genealogy Enhancements: Some of the enhancements in Genealogy functionality
  • Single view of lot and serial genealogy
  • Quality Results information within Genealogy
  • Supplier Lot number details are available within Genealogy
  • Quality collection plan availability in HTML UI version
  • Support for discrete and process inventory merge
  • Quality charts output can be viewed in HTML format.
  • Quality Audit:  Functionality to monitor and analyze the quality data.

Oracle Quality Forms

Oracle Quality Forms:

QLTALINF QA – Quality Action Log
QLTCHMDF QA – Collection Elements
QLTCIMDF QA – Update Collection Import
QLTPLMDF QA – Collection Plan Workbench
QLTRSINF QA – View Quality Results
QLTRSMDF QA – Enter Quality Results
QLTSCMDF QA – Quality Selection Criteria
QLTSPECF QA – Define Specifications
QLTUGMDF QA – User Groups
QLTDSMDF QA – Grant Privileges
QASLSET QA – Skiplot Process Setup
QASPSET QA – Sampling Plan Setup
QASLSP QA – Skiplot/Sampling Criteria Setup

Quality Concurrent Programs

Oracle Quality Concurrent Programs

QLTRSLTN Quality Results Report – Non SRS
QLTACTWB Quality Actions
QLTCHACR Collection Element Action Rules Report
QLTCHARR Collection Elements Report
QLTCHWUR Collection Element Usages Report
QLTPLACR Collection Plan Action Rules Report
QLTPLANR Collection Plan Summary Report
QLTPLCHR Collection Plan Details Report
QLTPVWWB Quality Dynamic Plan View Creator
QLTRSLTR Quality Results Report
QLTSPECR Quality Specifications Report
QLTTRAMB Collection Import Manager
QLTTRAWB Collection Import Worker
QLTBISB BIS Nonconformance Load Program
QLTPLTXR Shows all transactions and triggers for a plan
QLTSSMPB Quality To AK Plan Mapper (Used in SRS)
QLTSSCPB Quality To AK Mapper
QASEQAUD Sequence Element Audit Report
QA_ERES_WSH_DELIVERY Quality Shipping ERES Collector
QAINDEX Manage collection element indexes
QA_GLOBAL_V_CREATOR Quality Global View Creator
QLTRSLTR_XML Quality Results Report
QLTSPECR_XML Quality Specifications Report
QASEQAUD_XML Sequence Element Audit Report
QLTCHACR_XML Collection Element Action Rules Report
QLTCHARR_XML Collection Elements Report
QLTCHWUR_XML Collection Element Usages Report (XML)
QLTPLACR_XML Collection Plan Action Rules Report
QLTPLANR_XML Collection Plan Summary Report
QLTPLCHR_XML Collection Plan Details Report
QLTPLTXR_XML Shows all transactions and triggers for a plan
QASDRLINK Create Quality Device Views and Links