Oracle Advanced Pricing Overview

Oracle Pricing & Advanced Pricing are two different things. Pricing covers the basic features and come bundled with Order Management, however Advanced pricing is a separate module that has advanced pricing features. Overall pricing module lets you define pricelists, discounts, surcharges, promotions etc.

Price Lists: Price lists allows you to define prices for the goods/services sold. You can define Item, Unit of measure, unit price, currency and effective dates.

Qualifiers: Qualifiers controls who qualifies for what, you can define a qualifier based on customer groups, order types, order amounts etc and attach this to price lists. When sales order is entered it verifies that qualifier is applicable for this price list.

Pricing attributes: This gives you added functionality of defining price based on some attributes.

Modifiers: Price list defines the base price, Modifier controls the positive or negative discounts to the list price. Modifier types can be Deal, discount list, Freight, promotion, surcharge. Qualifiers can be attached to modifiers. Eg. if Customer is A2Z corporation you can give 40% discount, then 40% discount on list is price is applied if customer on sales order is A2Z.

Pricing formulas: Pricing formulas allows dynamic pricing (instead of static list price) based on pricing attributes.

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