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WIP Move transaction

WIP (Work Order/Job) move transaction is performed when the the job completes one one operation/step and ready to move next operation/step.

Navigation: WIP -> Move Transactions -> Move transactions

  1. Enter the WIP Job number
  2. Select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ WIP operation sequence,step
  3. Enter the quantity to move
  4. Enter the transaction reason and reference (optional)
  5. Click on ‘Save’ to complete the transaction.

wip job move


Oracle Apps Work In Process Interview Questions

  1. What setups you do in WIP parameters ?
  2. Explain WIP accounting classes ?
  3. Explain the when do you use discrete manufacturing vs flow manufacturing ?
  4. What is non-standard discrete job ?
  5. What is standard discrete job ?
  6. When do you Standard Vs Non-standard discrete jobs ?
  7. Can you change components on a WIP job ?
  8. Can you change routing steps on a WIP job ?
  9. Explain the life cycle of a WIP job ?
  10. Can you delete/purge a WIP job ?
  11. What is work order less completion ?
  12. What is Kanban replenishment ?
  13. Can you do over-completion of a WIP job ?
  14. What is Repetitive manufacturing ?
  15. Can you do by-products in a standard WIP job ?
  16. What is push and pull types of material issues ?
  17. What is back flush ?
  18. Can you issue more quantity of material/compoennet ?
  19. How do return the quantity issued ?
  20. Can you scrap the quantity used ?
  21. Can you enter serial/lot number during material issue ?
  22. What is MOVE operation ?
  23. Explain shop-floor status controls ?
  24. Explain Outside Processing (OSP) process ?
  25. Can you receive a different item than that was dispatched to vendor during OSP ?
  26. Can you charge resources manually ?
  27. What setups you do to charge resources automatically to a WIP job ?

Work Order Less Completions

Work Order less completion is an alternate way of producing goods without going through the discrete job cycle. In this process you directly enter the assembly and quantity to be produced and onhand inventory will be updated immediately. Upon completing the work order less completion all components are back flushed and resources are charged to the schedule.

Navigate to Work In Process responsibility -> Material Transactions -> Work Order less completions

wip work order less completion

wip work order less completion

1 ) Enter the transaction date or modify the default date.
2 ) Chose the transaction type as ‘WIP Completion’.
3 ) Enter assembly item number.
4 ) Enter the production line.
5 ) Enter Schedule Group.
6 ) Enter Schedule number (equivalent of work order/discrete job number for reference).
7 ) Enter the completion subinventory and locator(if applicable).
8 ) Select the WIP accounting class/demand class and transaction reason code.
9 ) Click on Save to complete ‘work order less completion’ transaction.