Oracle Apps Work In Process Interview Questions

  1. What setups you do in WIP parameters ?
  2. Explain WIP accounting classes ?
  3. Explain the when do you use discrete manufacturing vs flow manufacturing ?
  4. What is non-standard discrete job ?
  5. What is standard discrete job ?
  6. When do you Standard Vs Non-standard discrete jobs ?
  7. Can you change components on a WIP job ?
  8. Can you change routing steps on a WIP job ?
  9. Explain the life cycle of a WIP job ?
  10. Can you delete/purge a WIP job ?
  11. What is work order less completion ?
  12. What is Kanban replenishment ?
  13. Can you do over-completion of a WIP job ?
  14. What is Repetitive manufacturing ?
  15. Can you do by-products in a standard WIP job ?
  16. What is push and pull types of material issues ?
  17. What is back flush ?
  18. Can you issue more quantity of material/compoennet ?
  19. How do return the quantity issued ?
  20. Can you scrap the quantity used ?
  21. Can you enter serial/lot number during material issue ?
  22. What is MOVE operation ?
  23. Explain shop-floor status controls ?
  24. Explain Outside Processing (OSP) process ?
  25. Can you receive a different item than that was dispatched to vendor during OSP ?
  26. Can you charge resources manually ?
  27. What setups you do to charge resources automatically to a WIP job ?

2 responses to Oracle Apps Work In Process Interview Questions

  1. WIP Interview Q

  2. hi Please reply me whether following Answers are correct for WIP.

    1] Setups in WIP Parameters:- We define modes of Operation and to Assign Default Values for Work in Process Functions.The following Setups are to be done.

    1] WIP Discrete Parameters :- a] Default WIP Accounting Class

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