Shipping Execution R12 Enhancements

Process Manufacturing Support

  • In R12 you don’t need separate Shipping module for Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM). Standard Shipping Execution module will support process and discrete manufacturing

Deliveries(Shipments) without sales orders:

  • Deliveries can be created without a Sales Order using XML gateway (EDI 940 IN). This will help to facilitate any miscellaneous shipping activities that is not tied to sales order.

Pick Release changes

  • Additional functionality to support cross-docking is provided through pick release form. Parallel pick release functionality enhanced to support multi-threading.

Revenue Recognition Deferment

  • Revenue recognition can be deferred beyond ship confirm. This is a great feature of businesses that would to recognize revenue after customer acceptance or installation or on a future date.

XML ready documents

  • Many out of the box XML reports were added that can be flexibly modified to meet business requirements.

Shipping Purge

  • Shipping transactions can be purged now, this will reduce the database table size and improves the performance.

Workflow enabled Shipping Transactions

  • Many workflow business events are available out of the box to send notifications users based on business rules

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