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Shipping Execution R12 Enhancements

Process Manufacturing Support

  • In R12 you don’t need separate Shipping module for Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM). Standard Shipping Execution module will support process and discrete manufacturing

Deliveries(Shipments) without sales orders:

  • Deliveries can be created without a Sales Order using XML gateway (EDI 940 IN). This will help to facilitate any miscellaneous shipping activities that is not tied to sales order.

Pick Release changes

  • Additional functionality to support cross-docking is provided through pick release form. Parallel pick release functionality enhanced to support multi-threading.

Revenue Recognition Deferment

  • Revenue recognition can be deferred beyond ship confirm. This is a great feature of businesses that would to recognize revenue after customer acceptance or installation or on a future date.

XML ready documents

  • Many out of the box XML reports were added that can be flexibly modified to meet business requirements.

Shipping Purge

  • Shipping transactions can be purged now, this will reduce the database table size and improves the performance.

Workflow enabled Shipping Transactions

  • Many workflow business events are available out of the box to send notifications users based on business rules

Pick Release Delivery Lines from Shipping Transaction

Transaction: Pick Release delivery lines from shipping transaction
Transaction form code:
Module: Oracle Shipping

Pick Release can be performed from Pick release concurrent or scheduled pick release SRS or from shipping transactions form. In this tutorial you will learn how to pick release from shipping transactions form. Lines must not be pick released already to do this transaction.

Shipping super user responsibility -> Shipping -> Shipping -> Transactions

  • Query the delivery/delivery line
  • Select the delivery line(s) you want to pick release.
  • Select the ‘Launch Pick Release’ as action from ACTIONS drop down menu.
  • Click GO
  • Save the transaction.

Calculate Weight and Volume for Delivery Lines

Transaction: Calculate weight and volume for delivery lines
Transaction form code:
Module: Oracle Shipping

Weight and volume of any delivery line can be automatically updated based on item master item attribute setup. Every time there is a change quantity that affects the weight and volume, oracle calculates the total weight automatically.

Weight and volume can be manually overridden from shipping transactions query form.