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Oracle Purchasing Forms

Oracle Purchasing Forms:

POXACCWO Accrual Write-Offs
POXAPINQ PO View Invoice Summary
POXBWVRP AutoCreate Documents GUI
POXCPDOC PO Copy Document
POXDOCON Control Documents GUI
POXDOFDO Forward Documents
POXDOPRE Enter Preferences GUI
POXPCATN Exceeded Price Tolerances
POXPODMC Define MassCancel
POXPOEAC Enter Acceptances
POXPOEPO Enter Purchase Orders  GUI
POXPOERL Enter Release GUI
POXPORMC Run MassCancel
POXPOVCT Define Notification Control GUI
POXPOVPO Purchase Order Summary GUI
POXQUEMQ Enter Vendor Quotation Lists
POXRQARQ Assign Requisitions
POXRQERQ Enter Requisitions  GUI
POXRQTMP Enter ReqExpress Template GUI
POXRQVRQ Requisition Summary GUI
POXSCASL Define Approved Supplier List
POXSCERQ Enter RFQ’s and Quotes  GUI
POXSCSAQ Quote Annalysis
POXSCSIC Supplier Item Catalog
POXSCVAR Enter Supplier Autosource Rules GUI
POXSTASL Setup Approved Supplier List
POXSTCPP Control Purchasing Periods GUI
POXSTDBY Define Buyers GUI
POXSTDCG Define Control Groups GUI
POXSTDDT Define Document Types GUI
POXSTDHC Define Hazard Classes GUI
POXSTDLC Define Lookup Codes GUI
POXSTDLT Define Line Types GUI
POXSTDPC Define Position Controls GUI
POXSTDPO Define Purchasing Options GUI
POXSTDQC Define Quality Inspection Codes GUI
POXSTDUN Define UN Numbers GUI
POXSTNOT View Notifications GUI
POXSVASL Summary Approved Supplier List
POXTAXCT View Tax Details By Code
POXTAXDT View Tax Details
RCVRCERC Enter Receipts GUI
RCVRCMUR Match Unordered Receipts
RCVRCVRC View Receiving Transactions GUI
RCVSHESH Maintain Shipments
RCVSTDRO Define Receiving Options GUI
RCVTXECO Enter Corrections GUI
RCVTXERE Enter Returns GUI
RCVTXERT Enter Receiving Transactions GUI
RCVTXVTX View Transactions Status GUI
POXRUACC Expense Account Rules
POXGAORG Organization Assignment for Global Agreements
POASTDCM Define Survey
POXSTIFT Define Information Templates
POXSTDCS Define Catalog Server Loader Values
POXSTITS Define Catalog Server Item Sources
POXSTPRS Define Catalog Server for External Suppliers
POXSTRLM Define Catalog Server Realms
POXPRCDF Price Differentials
RCVMSHST View Message History Form GUI
POASTDSR Manage Survey

Purchasing Concurrent Programs

Oracle Purchasing Concurrent Programs

POXRAF Reset Period End Accrual Flags
POXACR Accrue Receipts
POXPCP AutoSubmit Periodic Concurrent Processes
RFPRTRW Printed RFQ Report
POXRSR Reschedule Requisitions
POXPPO Print Purchase Orders
POXRMC Run Mass Cancel
POXDMC Define Mass Cancel
POCFH Fills Employee Hierarchy table
POFBASSN Set Flexbuilder Account Flex Structure
REQIMPORT Requisition Import
POXSURLC Location Listing
POXRVDRVL New Vendor Letter Report
POXVDRVL New Vendor Letter Report
POXPOSTD Purchase Order Detail Report
POXVDVOH Vendors on Hold Report
POXRVRTN Receipt Adjustments Report
POXRVRER Receiving Exceptions Report
POXKISUM Savings Analysis Report(by Buyer)
POXSURUM Unit of Measure Listing
POXBLREL Purchase Order and Releases Detail Report
POXPRIPR Vendor Price Performance Analysis Report
POXRQUNI Buyer’s Requisition Action Required Report
POXSUMIT Item Summary Listing
POXPOBPS Blanket and Planned PO Status Report
POXPODDR Purchase Order Distribution Detail Report
POXRCPPV Purchase Price Variance Report
POXRVXRV Expected Receipts Report
POXPOSMH Matching Holds Report by Buyer Report
POXPOVPS Vendor Purchase Summary Report
POXRVRUR Unordered Receipts Report
POXRINDE Receipt/Inspection/Delivery Register
POXNOTES Standard Notes Listing
POXREQAC Requisition Activity Register
POXREQIM ReqImport Exceptions Report
POXMCDEF Define MassCancel Listing
POXMCRUN Run MassCancel Listing
POXAGLST Buyer Listing
POXSURQC Quality Code Listing
POXRFRAR RFQ Action Required Report
POXTATCL Tax Code Listing
POXSURUC Unit of Measure Class Listing
POXPRRFL Printed RFQ Report(Landscape)
POXPRRFP Printed RFQ Report(Portrait)
POXRVOVS Overshipments Report
POXACTPO Purchasing Activity Register
POXPOEDR Encumbrance Detail Report
POXDETIT Item Detail Listing
POXPOPAR Open Purchase Orders Report(by Cost Center)
POXPOABP Purchase Agreement Audit Report
POXPRPOL Printed Purchase Order Report (Landscape)
POXPRPOP Printed Purchase Order Report (Portrait)
POXPOPAA Open Purchase Orders Report(by Buyer)
POXRCIPV Invoice Price Variance Report
POXPRREQ Printed Requisitions Report
POXRQRSR Purchase Requisition Status Report
POXDLPDT Receipt Traveler
POXRVRSR Substitute Receipts Report
POXCONST Contract Status Report
POXFIPOL Financials/Purchasing Options Listing
POXSUCAT Purchase Summary By Category
POXRQEXP ReqExpress Template Listing
POXRVODS Overdue Vendor Shipments Report
POXQTQAR Quotation Action Required Report
POXRQDDR Requisitions Distribution Detail Report
POXRQSIN Internal Requisition Status Report
POXRQCRQ Cancelled Requisition Report
POXRQRCO Requisitions on Cancelled Order Report
POXRQSDD Internal Requisition/Deliveries Discrepency Report
POXRQOBO Backordered Internal Requisitions Report
POXVCVAR Vendor Volume Analysis Report
POXQUAPR Vendor Quality Performance Analysis Report
POXSERPR Vendor Service Performance Analysis Report
POXCHORD Printed Change Orders Report (Portrait)
POYVTINA European Intrastat Arrivals
POXPOCAN Cancelled Purchase Orders Report
POXVESTR Vendor Affiliated Structure Listing
POXPOCOM Purchase Order Commitment By Period Report
POXKIAGN Savings Analysis Report(by Category)
POCISO Create Internal Orders
PRINTREQ Print Requisitions
POCDMC Define MassCancel
POCRMC Run MassCancel
RVCTP Transaction processing module for Integrated Receiving
POXRVRVD Receiving Value Report by Destination Account
POXCHORL Printed Change Orders Report (Landscape)
RCVDLT Print Receipt Traveller Concurrent Report
POXRRCVV Receiving Value Report
RCVDLPDT Receipt Traveller concurrent report
POXACWRO Accrual Write-Off Report for Old WIP Data
RCVTXRTR Receiving Transactions Register
PORELGEN Create Releases
POXRRVDR Receiving Account Distribution Report
POXRCIPS Invoice Price Variance by Vendor Report
CHVCUHIS CUM History Report
CHVPRSCH Printed Planning Schedule Report
CHVSHSCH Printed Shipping Schedule Report
POXCORPD Purchasing Database Adminstration
POXCON PO Document Approval Manager Program
CHVPRSBB Planning AutoSchedule
CHVPRSBS Shipping AutoSchedule
POASLUPG Upgrade Autosource Rules to Approved Supplier List and Sourcing Rules
RCVDSC Sends supplier Application Advice Notices for an advanced shipment notice that was either overrecieved or not fulfilled.
POXPOIV Pay On Receipt AutoInvoice Program
POXPIERR Purchasing Interface Errors Report
POXPDOI Importing Price Catalogs (Blanket and Quotation) Program
PORCPTWF Confirm Receipts WF Select Orders
RCVTPO On-line Receiving Transaction Manager
POXWARMG Send Notifications for Purchasing Documents
UPGRADE_NOTIF_TO_REL11 Upgrade release 10 notifications to release 11
POAFTPOP Populate Procurement Fact Tables
POXPOIPR Purge Purchasing Open Interface Processed Data Program
POXCORSL Country of Origin (By Supplier) Report
POXCORIT Country of Origin (By Item) Report
POMRCUPG You run this program separately for each tables
RCVIERR Receiving Interface Errors Report
POXMUB Mass Update of Purchasing Documents
POXPOPDOI Import Standard Purchase Orders
PO_HIST_FEED Purchase Order History Feed for reconciling P-card payments
POXCDXCG Catalog Data Extract – Classifications
POXCDXIG Catalog Data Extract – Items
POXCDXPG Catalog Data Purge
POXITCTG Rebuild Catalog Item Context
POXCEURSC Euro Supplier Conversion Concurrent Program
POGVPRPL Public Sector Printed Purchase Order Report (Landscape)
POCSOPG Create Orders from Internal Requisitions
POXEURASC Euro All Suppliers Conversion Concurrent Program
POXPOACP Record Acceptances against a Purchase Order
POXIMTCP Rebuild Catalog Item InterMedia Index
POA_EDW_ALINES_F_C Collect PO Contract Line Fact
POA_EDW_CONTRACT_F_C Collect PO Contract Fact
POA_EDW_PO_DIST_F_C Collect PO Distribution Fact
POA_EDW_RCV_TXNS_F_C Collect PO Receiving Fact
POA_EDW_CSTM_MSR_F_C Collect PO Custom Measure Fact
POA_EDW_SUP_PERF_F_C Collect PO Supplier Performance Fact
EDW_GEOGRAPHY_M_C Collect Geography Dimension
EDW_POA_SPLRITEM_M_C Collect PO Supplier Item Dimension
EDW_POA_LN_TYPE_M_C Collect PO Line Type Dimension
EDW_LOOKUP_M_C Collect Lookup Dimension
EDW_TRD_PARTNER_M_C Collect Trade Partner Dimension
POXSSPG Purge System Saved Requisition
GMLRCPT OPM Update Receipts for Reprocessing
GMLPRAD OPM Receipts Process Ajust Errors
POXCSXBL Catalog Bulk Load – Schema Upload
POXCDXBL Catalog Bulk Load – Items Upload
POXRPDP Retroactive Price Update of Releases against BA and Std POs against GA and CPA
ROIBATCH ROI Parallel Batch Processor
POXPOPDF PO Output for Communication
RCVOTLR Retrieve Time from OTL
POXCCONV Catalog Load – Convert File
POXUPWKR Purchasing Post-Upgrade Sub Process
POXUPMGR Purchasing Post-Upgrade Process
RCVEXAPC Extract AP Invoiced Charges
POASLGEN Generate Sourcing Rules and ASLs from Blanket Agreements
POXACRCR Accrual Rebuild Reconciliation Report
POXACREC Accrual Reconciliation Report
POXREQAC_XML Requisition Activity Register
POXREQIM_XML ReqImport Exceptions Report
POXRFRAR_XML RFQ Action Required Report
POXRQCRQ_XML Cancelled Requisition Report
POXRQDDR_XML Requisitions Distribution Detail Report
POXRQEXP_XML ReqExpress Template Listing
POXRQRCO_XML Requisitions on Cancelled Order Report
POXRVRTN_XML Receipt Adjustments Report
POXRVRUR_XML Unordered Receipts Report
POXRVXRV_XML Expected Receipts Report
POXSERPR_XML Vendor Service Performance Analysis Report
POXSUCAT_XML Purchase Summary By Category
POXSUMIT_XML Item Summary Listing
POXSURLC_XML Location Listing
POXSURQC_XML Quality Code Listing
POXSURUC_XML Unit of Measure Class Listing
POXSURUM_XML Unit of Measure Listing
POXVCVAR_XML Vendor Volume Analysis Report
POXVDRVL_XML New Vendor Letter Report
POXACTPO_XML Purchasing Activity Register
POXAGLST_XML Buyer Listing
POXBLREL_XML Purchase Order and Releases Detail Report
POXCHORD_XML Printed Change Orders Report (Portrait)
POXCHORL_XML Printed Change Orders Report (Landscape)
POXCONST_XML Contract Status Report
POXCORIT_XML Country of Origin (By Item) Report
POXCORSL_XML Country of Origin (By Supplier) Report
POXDETIT_XML Item Detail Listing
POXDLPDT_XML Receipt Traveler
POXFIPOL_XML Financials/Purchasing Options Listing
POXKIAGN_XML Savings Analysis Report(by Category)
POXKISUM_XML Savings Analysis Report(by Buyer)
POXNOTES_XML Standard Notes Listing
POXPIERR_XML Purchasing Interface Errors Report
POXPOABP_XML Purchase Agreement Audit Report
POXPOBPS_XML Blanket and Planned PO Status Report
POXPRREQ_XML Printed Requisitions Report
POXPRRFL_XML Printed RFQ Report(Landscape)
POXPRRFP_XML Printed RFQ Report(Portrait)
POXQTQAR_XML Quotation Action Required Report
POXQUAPR_XML Vendor Quality Performance Analysis Report
POXRCPPV_XML Purchase Price Variance Report
POXRQRSR_XML Purchase Requisition Status Report
POXRQSDD_XML Internal Requisition/Deliveries Discrepency Report
POXRQSIN_XML Internal Requisition Status Report
POXRQUNI_XML Buyer’s Requisition Action Required Report
POXRRCVV_XML Receiving Value Report
POXRRVDR_XML Receiving Account Distribution Report
POXRVODS_XML Overdue Vendor Shipments Report
POXRVOVS_XML Overshipments Report
POXRVRER_XML Receiving Exceptions Report
POXRVRSR_XML Substitute Receipts Report
POXVDVOH_XML Vendors on Hold Report
POXVESTR_XML Vendor Affiliated Structure Listing
RCVIERR_XML Receiving Interface Errors Report
RCVTXRTR_XML Receiving Transactions Register
CHVPRSCH_XML Printed Planning Schedule Report
POXPOCAN_XML Cancelled Purchase Orders Report
POXPOCOM_XML Purchase Order Commitment By Period Report
POXPODDR_XML Purchase Order Distribution Detail Report
POXPOEDR_XML Encumbrance Detail Report
POXPOPAA_XML Open Purchase Orders Report(by Buyer)
POXPOPAR_XML Open Purchase Orders Report(by Cost Center)
POXPOSMH_XML Matching Holds Report by Buyer Report
POXPOSTD_XML Purchase Order Detail Report
POXPOVPS_XML Vendor Purchase Summary Report
POXPRIPR_XML Vendor Price Performance Analysis Report
POXPRPOL_XML Printed Purchase Order Report (Landscape)
POXPRPOP_XML Printed Purchase Order Report (Portrait)
POXRQOBO_XML Backordered Internal Requisitions Report
POXMUR Mass Update of Requisitions
POXMCL Mass Close of Purchasing Documents
POXPOFAX PO Output for Communication: FAX
RCVLCMWS Landed cost Integration Manager

iProcurement Concurrent Programs

Oracle iProcurement Concurrent Programs

ICX_CUSTOMER_SUMMARY Program to launch Web Customer Summary executable for Customer Synopsis – Web Apps
ICXPOPUR Delete temporary data of PO revisions in Self-Service Applications
HRWFDFCT Complete Defunct HR Workflow Processes
POXCATRN Update Items For Category Rename
POXPARII Populate And Rebuild Intermedia Index
POXDIAPC Delete Items and Prices in a Category
POXMPCAT Map Oracle Purchasing Categories
POXDLDES Delete Descriptors
ICXCICRI Catalog Index Create – Intermedia
ICXELLDR Express Setup Tool
ICXRCIIP Rebuild Catalog interMedia Index
ICXPCIIP Purge Catalog interMedia Index
POXCATHRCH Update Local Zones For Category Hierarchy Change
POXSRCH Populate And Rebuild Intermedia Index For Searchable Change
ICXCUCDER Catalog Child Data Exceptions Report