Oracle Purchasing Forms

Oracle Purchasing Forms:

POXACCWO Accrual Write-Offs
POXAPINQ PO View Invoice Summary
POXBWVRP AutoCreate Documents GUI
POXCPDOC PO Copy Document
POXDOCON Control Documents GUI
POXDOFDO Forward Documents
POXDOPRE Enter Preferences GUI
POXPCATN Exceeded Price Tolerances
POXPODMC Define MassCancel
POXPOEAC Enter Acceptances
POXPOEPO Enter Purchase Orders  GUI
POXPOERL Enter Release GUI
POXPORMC Run MassCancel
POXPOVCT Define Notification Control GUI
POXPOVPO Purchase Order Summary GUI
POXQUEMQ Enter Vendor Quotation Lists
POXRQARQ Assign Requisitions
POXRQERQ Enter Requisitions  GUI
POXRQTMP Enter ReqExpress Template GUI
POXRQVRQ Requisition Summary GUI
POXSCASL Define Approved Supplier List
POXSCERQ Enter RFQ’s and Quotes  GUI
POXSCSAQ Quote Annalysis
POXSCSIC Supplier Item Catalog
POXSCVAR Enter Supplier Autosource Rules GUI
POXSTASL Setup Approved Supplier List
POXSTCPP Control Purchasing Periods GUI
POXSTDBY Define Buyers GUI
POXSTDCG Define Control Groups GUI
POXSTDDT Define Document Types GUI
POXSTDHC Define Hazard Classes GUI
POXSTDLC Define Lookup Codes GUI
POXSTDLT Define Line Types GUI
POXSTDPC Define Position Controls GUI
POXSTDPO Define Purchasing Options GUI
POXSTDQC Define Quality Inspection Codes GUI
POXSTDUN Define UN Numbers GUI
POXSTNOT View Notifications GUI
POXSVASL Summary Approved Supplier List
POXTAXCT View Tax Details By Code
POXTAXDT View Tax Details
RCVRCERC Enter Receipts GUI
RCVRCMUR Match Unordered Receipts
RCVRCVRC View Receiving Transactions GUI
RCVSHESH Maintain Shipments
RCVSTDRO Define Receiving Options GUI
RCVTXECO Enter Corrections GUI
RCVTXERE Enter Returns GUI
RCVTXERT Enter Receiving Transactions GUI
RCVTXVTX View Transactions Status GUI
POXRUACC Expense Account Rules
POXGAORG Organization Assignment for Global Agreements
POASTDCM Define Survey
POXSTIFT Define Information Templates
POXSTDCS Define Catalog Server Loader Values
POXSTITS Define Catalog Server Item Sources
POXSTPRS Define Catalog Server for External Suppliers
POXSTRLM Define Catalog Server Realms
POXPRCDF Price Differentials
RCVMSHST View Message History Form GUI
POASTDSR Manage Survey

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