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Resource Where Used Inquiry


  • Form Application: Bills of Material
  • Form Name: BOMFQWRS
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/bom/12.0.0/forms/US/BOMFQWRS.fmx

Resource Where Used in a Inquiry only screen to see where (i.e. routing & operations) the given resource is used. This helps in doing impact analysis while doing resource changes.

Resource Where Used Inquiry - Oracle Bills Of Material
Resource Where Used Inquiry is a screen to inquire what routings a given resource is used. This helps manufacturing engineers when they make some resource changes. For more details on how to do resource where used inquiry visit

Navigation: BOM responsibility -> Routings ->Resource Where Used

    • Enter the Resource Name
    • Enter the Effective Date
    • Click on ‘FIND’

You will see all primary, alternate routings along with routing information for a given resource. Only one resource can be inquired each time.

Resource Where Used Inquiry

Resource Where Used Inquiry

3.7 Purge ECOs

Purging Engineering Change Orders (ECO) permanently deletes the ECO information from the application. Each business can establish a retention policy after which ECO documents can be purged. Purging old documents reduces the storage space and improves the performance to query ECOs. Business can archive ECOs into data warehouse prior to purging.

Navigation: Engineering -> ECOs -> Delete

Concurrent Program ‘Engineering change order purge program’ opens up.

Enter the parameters

  • Change Order From
  • Change Order To
  • Include Implemented
  • Include Cancelled
  • Date
Purge ECOs

Purge ECOs

3.6 Transfer to Manufacturing

Transfer to Manufacturing screen is used to move any engineering item/BOM/routing into an manufacturing item/BOM/Routing. Main difference between ‘copy to manufacturing’ and ‘transfer to manufacturing’ is copy keeps the engineering item as it is and creates a new manufacturing item, where as transfer to manufacturing moves an item from engineering to manufacturing.

Navigation: Engineering -> Prototypes -> Transfer to Manufacturing

1) Enter the item

2) Select BOM/Routing if they also need to be transferred to manufacturing

3) Enter new revisions of transferred item.

Click ‘TRANSFER’ to transfer the item to manufacturing.

Transfer to Manufacturing

Transfer to Manufacturing