Resource Where Used Inquiry


  • Form Application: Bills of Material
  • Form Name: BOMFQWRS
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/bom/12.0.0/forms/US/BOMFQWRS.fmx

Resource Where Used in a Inquiry only screen to see where (i.e. routing & operations) the given resource is used. This helps in doing impact analysis while doing resource changes.

Resource Where Used Inquiry - Oracle Bills Of Material
Resource Where Used Inquiry is a screen to inquire what routings a given resource is used. This helps manufacturing engineers when they make some resource changes. For more details on how to do resource where used inquiry visit

Navigation: BOM responsibility -> Routings ->Resource Where Used

    • Enter the Resource Name
    • Enter the Effective Date
    • Click on ‘FIND’

You will see all primary, alternate routings along with routing information for a given resource. Only one resource can be inquired each time.

Resource Where Used Inquiry

Resource Where Used Inquiry

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