Search Purchase Orders – iSupplier Internal View


Application: Oracle iSupplier Portal


Form Description: Search / View Purchase Orders using Oracle iSupplier Portal module

Oracle iSupplier Portal comes with a seeded responsibility called ‘Oracle iSupplier Portal Internal View’. Using this responsibility globally you can view lot of purchasing/sourcing information.

Navigate to Oracle iSupplier Portal Internal view responsibility -> Click on ‘ORDERS’ tab

Search Purchase Orders - Oracle iSupplier Internal View

Search Purchase Orders – Oracle iSupplier Internal View

Enter the search criteria

  • Operating Unit
  • PO Number
  • Order Date
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Site
  • Buyer

Click ‘GO’ to search.

Output displays with the below fields.

  • PO number
  • Revision
  • Operating Unit
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Site
  • Document Type
  • Description
  • Order Date
  • Currency
  • Buyer
  • Amount
  • Status
  • Acknowledge By
  • Attachment

Output data can be exported into excel.Clicking on a specific PO you can view the PO details, PO change history and also able to respond to pending actions on PO changes.


1 response to Search Purchase Orders – iSupplier Internal View

  1. Experts, i want to understand if iSupplier has a feature wherein when a PO is created by buyer, the supplier through the isupplier login can only acknowledge a PO and accept/reject/change request later?
    I understand that when i click on the Acknowledge button selection a PO, it takes me to a page wherein i either have to accept, reject or send change request. However, as a supplier user i might want to just acknowledge a PO today and act on it tomorrow or later.

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