2.5 Item Cross References


  • Form Application: Inventory
  • Form Name: INVIDXRT
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/inv/12.0.0/forms/US/INVIDXRT.fmx

Item Cross-References allow to reference an item with a different name. First you need to define cross-reference type (i.e. purpose for which cross-reference is setup) and associate with a cross-reference item number. Most common use of referencing is linking with legacy system. While migrating to Oracle you have new item numbers, then you can reference new oracle number with legacy item number as cross-reference. Item cross-references will help in reporting as well.

Navigation: Inventory responsibility  -> Items -> Cross-reference Types

  • Enter new cross-reference name
  • Enter new cross-reference description
  • If you would like to use existing cross-reference, click on it.
  • Save the changes
  • Click on ‘Assign’ button
  • Enter the Oracle Item
  • Check ‘Applicable to all’ or uncheck and enter specific inventory organization.
  • Enter cross-reference value in ‘Value’ field.
  • Save the changes.


Assign Item Cross-references

Assign Item Cross-references

1 response to 2.5 Item Cross References

  1. Good day I just want to ask if this is possible once i did the srpes you metioned above.

    Ex Bearing was used and uploaded as item master 90010301

    Level1: MiscL1=900
    Level2: MiscL2=90010
    Level3: MiscL2=900103
    Level4: Bearing=90010301

    PO with Item Bearing 90010301 already used

    Now… we create a new Item Master (New Item Master)

    Level1: Manufacturing Components and Supplies=31
    Level2: Bearings and bushings and wheels and gears=3117
    Level3: Bearings=311715
    Level4: Ball bearings=31171504

    Requirement: Mapping Exercise
    Change all references of 90010301 into 31171504
    Can we change the references of the PO LineItem from 90010301 into 31171504 without impacting the PO, its price, its Supplier or

    event doing a change order?

    90010301 will still exist in item master but will be deactivate at a later cutover phase.
    In creation of the new item master both Bearing would appear to users as 90010301 and 31171504: 90010301 Bearing will updated with

    label “Bearing (Do No Use)” and the one would be Ball bearings 31171504.


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