3.4 Mass Change Bills


Mass Change Bills screen is used to mass update of all BOMs that meet a given criteria.


Navigation: Engineering -> ECOs -> Mass Change

1) Number: Enter mass change name/number

2) Type: Type of mass change bills

3) Description: Description of mass change

4) Effective Date: Effective date of mass change

5) Parent Items

  • Category set
  • Categories
  • Items
  • Alternate selection
  • Base Model
  • Item Type

Click on ‘Changes’ to enter components mass changes

  • Action – Add/change/delete
  • Item – Component item to be added/changed/deleted

Enter all other relevant fields and save the details.

Under ‘Actions’ select whether print report and/or create ECO.

Click ‘Submit’ to make mass bill (BOM) changes.

Mass Change Bills

Mass Change Bills

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