Create Account Receivables Invoice

Create AR Invoice

Navigation: AR Responsibility -> Transactions -> Transactions

AR Invoice creation - Header

AR Invoice creation - Header

Enter the details

  • Source – Invoice source i.e. to identify the source of transactions.  Select as ‘Manual’ for manual entry of invoices.
  • Class – Select the Invoice class. It could be Invoice, Chargeback, credit memo, debit memo, deposit, Guarantee. Select ‘INVOICE’ for regular invoices.
  • Type – Select predefined Invoice types.
  • Enter Invoice Date, GL Date
  • Enter the currency
  • Select the customer Bill to and ship to addresses
  • Select the payment terms

Save the invoice Header. Upon successful saving AR credit memo number is automatically generated.

Click on ‘LINES’ to enter line information.

  • Enter Item number or description, UOM, Quantity, Unit Price,
AR Invoice creation - Lines

AR Invoice creation - Lines

Click on ‘Distributions’.

  • Enter GL Account for Revenue and percentage of amount.
AR Invoice creation - Distributions

AR Invoice creation - Distributions

Click on ‘Sales Credits’ to capture sales credit information.

Click on ‘COMPLETE’ to complete the AR invoice creation.

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