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Oracle Rapid Planning Overview

Oracle Rapid Planning Module is a new addition to Oracle Value Chain Planning suite (a.k.a Oracle APS – Advanced Planning and Scheduling).

Oracle Rapid Planning key features

  • Rapid simulations / alternatives
  • Multiple planners can work concurrently on the same plan
  • Compares the plans / alternatives and recommends best alternative
  • Integrated with other Oracle value chain applications & Demantra

Main differentiation between Oracle Rapid Planning and Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning is time it takes to simulate changes. Using Rapid Planning you can simulate any changes and run plan to see recommendations without lengthy data collections.

Scenarios supported:

Hot demand:

Any emergency / rush order is considered as hot demand. Whenever hot demand orders are received, the order information is manually entered in Rapid planning plan and planning recommendations can be reviewed and released by planners.

Engineering change cut-in:

Any ECO changes that results new items introduced or existing items phased out, we can update the same information in entered rapid planning server, plan is run to review/release the recommendations

Yield Bust:

When their is production change that would affect the potential onhand, it is considered as yield bust.

Resource downtime:

Resource downtime information can be entered in plan to do simulations on the supply/demand changes.