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Oracle Global Order Promising Overview

Oracle Global Order Promising (GOP) is a module that supports order promising dates. This module not only covers the basic order promise based on current onhand stock but also based on future expected demand/supply.


Available To Promise (ATP): Given a quantity customer is ordering ATP gives the promise date based on current onhand supply.

Capable To Promise (CTP): This is enhance ATP where this coveres the future supply/demand to calculate projected availableity and provides promising dates.

Capable To Deliver(CTD): CTD covers the transportation lead and promises the date that can be delivered at customer site.

GOP is fully integrated with Oracle Order Management module, basic ATP functionality is available with standard Order Management without GOP. Having GOP provides CTP & CTD functionality in OM.

The main disadvantage of ATP is it is not based on real-time data but it is based data collected in GOP module. By scheduling more frequent collection you can manage ATP close to your reality.

24 x 7 ATP support: When ATP plan is being collected or refreshed oracle automatically provides the ATP out of a back-up plan and raises exception messages once ATP plan calculations are completed.

ATP calculations can be based of two data sources:

1) ATP based on collected data: This method provides the basic ATP based on collected data (onhand stock).

2) ATP based on Planning output: This method takes the data from ATP plan output that has accurate projected numbers based on supply/demand.