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MOC Profile Options

Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC) profile options setup

  • MTH: Item Classification for Extensible Attributes
  • MTH: Equipment Classification for Extensible Attributes
  • MTH: Catch All Shift Name
  • MTH: System Global Name
  • MTH: Mail Server Name
  • MTH: Mail Server Port
  • MTH: Notification Display Name
  • MTH: SOA Proxy Server
  • MTH: OWB Source Location
  • MTH: Source DB Service Name

Manufacturing Operations Center Overview

Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC) modules provides plant managers real-time plant performance data to take executive decisions.

MOC can be installed separately like ASCP, you can have one MOC instance for each plant/site or combined instance for all plants.

Oracle MOC  requires Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Warehouse builder (OWB) and MOC setups.

  • OBIEE provides KPI/analytics/Raw data from  different enterprise systems
  • OWB provides data extraction , transformation and loading into MOC instance.
  • MOC module provides dah boards/KPIs on plant performance.

Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC) features:

1) Setting up dimensions: Data collected from enterprise systems can be viewed and monitored in different dimensions like Item, Time, Equipment. Each dimension can have different levels and multiple hierarchies can be built based on that. Eg. For time dimension, year/month/week/day can be levels and hierarchies can be built based on these levels.

2) Tag data workbench: Tags can be setup and assigned to MOC entities Equipment, Work Order, Operation, Item and Shift. Tags are like lookup codes.  Each tag can have attributes that can store data. Tags can also be used to setup business rules. Tags can be loaded using Microsoft Excel interface.

3) Contextualization Methods: Oracle MOC provides three contextual methods

  • Tag based contextualization
  • Schedule based contextualization
  • Manual contextualization

4) Plant Manager Dashboard: Key focus of MOC is Plant Manager Dashboard. It provides key metrics like Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Equipment downtime analysis, Production slippage trend, Scrap analysis, production loss analysis, production performance.

Views in Manufacturing Operations Center Module

List of views in Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Module