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11. ECO Departments

ECO or Engineering departments are organization entities to which ECOs are assigned. ECO departments are not tied to any inventory org structure but it gives flexibility based on business need to setup engineering entities.

ECO Departments are setup using the same screen as Inventory Organizations or Operating Units.

Navigation: Engineering -> Setups -> ECO Departments

Click “New” to enter new department

1) Name: Name of the ECO Department

2) Type: Usually it should be “department” for ECO department

3) From: Effective start date

4) To: Effective end date

5) Location: Pre-defined physical locations that represent the physical address of the department

6) Organization Classification Name: It should be ‘ECO Department’

7) Enabled Flag: Check the flag to enable.

Save the changes.

ECO Departments

ECO Departments

10. ECO Deletion Constraints

Deletion Constraints are additional rules that system validates before deleting any master objects like ITEMs, BOMs, ROUTINGs and ECOs.

Some deletion constraints are seeded (comes out of box), each business can add/impose additional constraints.

Navigation: Engineering -> Setups -> Deletion Constraints

1) Constraint: Name of the deletion constraint

2) Description: Meaningful description of the deletion constraint

3) Delete Entity: Select the object to be deleted, Eg. Items, Boms, Routings, ECOs

4) SQL Statement: Validation logic that system should execute before deletion

5) Delete if: You can select either “No Rows found” or “Rows found”, this is based on SQL statement written above.

6) Failure Message: If deletion constraint met and can’t be deleted, then what should be the message to be displayed.

Deletion Constarints

Deletion Constarints


9. ECO Material Dispositions

ECO Material Disposition Codes are setup in Oracle Engineering module. These codes are used for updating dispositions on Engineering Change Orders (ECO). Material Disposition Codes are extensible lookup codes that means they comes with some seeded (out of the box/standard) values and each business can add new codes to it as required.

Navigation: Engineering -> Setups -> Material Dispositions

Enter the Code, Meaning, description of new lookup values. Check enabled flag to activate the lookup code.

ECO Material Dispositions

ECO Material Dispositions