Oracle Advanced Pricing Forms

Oracle Advanced Pricing Forms:

QPXEVPHS Event Phases
QPXPRAIG Add Item Groups
QPXPRAII Add Inventory Items
QPXPRCPL Copy Price List
QPXPRDDI Define Discounts
QPXPRDPC Enable Parameters
QPXPRDPL Define Price Lists
QPXPRDPR Define Pricing Rules
QPXPREPG Define Item Groups
QPXPRFOR Define Pricing Formulas
QPXPRLST Create Price Lists
QPXPRMLS Define Modifiers
QPXPRMPL Adjust Price Lists
QPXPRPFC Define Pricing Components
QPXPRPHS Define Modifier Incompatibility Groups
QPXPRQFS Define Qualifiers
QPXPRURP Update Formula Prices
QPXRQSRC Source Systems
QPXSSDAF Define Agreements
PQPWSDSH Enter and Maintain Employment History Periods
QPXLIMIT Define Limits
QPXQPORG Pricing Organizer
QPXAMPTE Pricing Transaction Entities
QPXCONAT Context and Segments
QPXPTMAP Attribute Mapping
PQPWSDAA Define Work Pattern Details
QPXPRREQ Query Pricing Request Temp Tables
QPXUPGRA View Upgrade Errors
QPXPACRL Accrual Redemption
QPXARCHV Archive Pricing Entities
QPXPURGE Purge Pricing Entities
PQPGBDSH Define Employment History Periods
PQPGBDAA Define Extra Details Of Service
PQPGBELE Mileage Element Creation Template
PQPWSVHD Enter and Maintain Vehicle Details
QPXCURRY Define Multi-Currency Lists

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