Sourcing Supplier Invitation Lists


Application: Oracle Sourcing
Form Description: Invitation List

Supplier Invitation Lists are used to pre-define the frequently used group of suppliers. While issuing Request For Quotations, instead of entering suppliers one by one, you can use pre-defined list of suppliers. Generally suppliers are grouped by the commodities they supply.

Navigation: Oracle Sourcing -> Supplier SUper User -> Sourcing Home Page -> Under ‘Reusable Lists’ click ‘Invitation’.

Using Invitation list screen you can query on enter new Invitation List.

Query Supplier Invitation Lists

Query Supplier Invitation Lists

  • Click ‘Create Invitation List’
  • Enter List Name
  • Enter Description
  • Select Access Level: Select ‘Public’ for anyone one to access, select ‘Private’ to restrict others to access.
  • Under ‘Participants’ click ‘Add Suppliers’
Create Supplier Invitation Lists

Create Supplier Invitation Lists

  • Search Suppliers
  • Select Supplier
  • Click ‘Ad to Invitation List’
  • Search again for more suppliers
  • Click ‘Apply’


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