7.4 Create Forecast Sets


  • Form Application: Master Scheduling/MRP
  • Form Name: MRPFFDIF
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/mrp/12.0.0/forms/US/MRPFFDIF.fmx

Forecast Sets consists of group of forecasts, forecast set is mandatory to before any forecast can be created. Forecasts are used to forecast sales volumes (usually by product/item, date/period and quantity of forecast). Forecast is used as input in supply chain planning to plan the supply to meet the forecast demand. Once actual sales order is received from customer you can ship in no time as you already manufactured/procured material against your forecast.

Navigation: Inventory responsibility -> Planning -> Forecasts -> Sets

  • Enter ‘Forecast Set’ name
  • Enter ‘Description’ of forecast set
  • Select ‘Bucket Type’ as Days or Weeks or Period. When you select date, any forecast you entered is specific to that, when you select week this implies any forecast entered in specific to that entire week, similarly is pre-defined period.
  • Select level as ‘Item’ or ‘Category’. Forecast can be at item level or category level.
  • Optionally enter ‘Inactive date’ to end date a forecast set.
  • Enter forecast consumption options (i.e. rules for to consume forecast when a real sales order comes).
    • Consume – Check or Uncheck
    • Outlier Update – in percentage (%)
    • Backward days – No. of days backward to consume
    • Forward days – No. of days forward to consume
  • Enter ‘Forecast’ name. Forecast set is always consists of forecasts. Forecast is always entered against a forecast.
  • Enter ‘Forecast description’
  • Enter ‘Inactive Date’
  • Enter ‘Demand Class’ to which this forecast belongs. This is optional but helps in consuming with correct sales orders of same demand class.

Save the changes. New forecast set and along with forecasts it is associated are saved.

Create Forecast Set

Create Forecast Set









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