Shipping Concurrent Programs

Oracle Shipping Concurrent Programs

WSHDSNO Departure Ship Notice Outbound
WSHINVIS Interface Interface – SRS
WSHINVI Inventory Interface
WSHOMIS Order Management Interface – SRS
WSHRDXCP Shipping Exceptions Report
WSHRDVLD Vehicle Load Sheet Details
WSHRDVLS Vehicle Load Sheet Summary
WSHRDBSR Backorder Summary Report
WSHRDBDR Backorder Detail Report
WSHRDLAB Mailing Label
WSHRDPAK Packing Slip Report
WSHRDINV Commercial Invoice
WSHRDMBL Master Bill of Lading
WSHRDBOL Bill of Lading
WSHIDL Import into Delivery Lines
WSHRDPIK Pick Slip Report
WSHPSRS Generate Selection List for Pick Release by Standard Report Submission
WSHPSGL Generate selection list for pick release
WSHOMI Order Management Interface
WSHINVIAS Interface All Trip Stops – SRS
WSHINVIA Interface All Trip Stops
WSHINTERFACES Interface Trip Stop – SRS
WSHINTERFACE Interface Trip Stop
WSHLRMA Location to Region Mapping
WSHRGINT Region Interface
WSHAFCTD Assign Freight Cost to Deliveries
WSHRDASC Auto Ship Confirm Report
WSHAPDSRS Auto-Pack Deliveries -SRS
WSHASCSRS Automated Ship Confirm – SRS
WSHRDAPK Auto-pack Report
WSHRDSDL Shipped Delivery Lines Report
WSHMAPCD Import Shipping Locations – Child
WSHAUMN Automated Shipment Request/Shipment Advice
WSHMLOCR Import Shipping Locations
CCLAUNCHER Program to launch Clearcross Adapter
WSHRDOPN Open Deliveries Report
CCSHUTDOWN Program to shut down clearcross adapter
WSHADOVR Skip Service Request/Response
WSHRDAST Adapter Status Report
WSHGTCST Startup ITM Adapter
WSHGTCSH Shutdown ITM Adapter
WSHADRES Resubmit Service Request/Response
WSHITOVR Skip Screening
WSHITRES Skip Screening
WSHRDIST ITM Adapter Status Report
ITMSTARTUP Program to launch ITM Adapter
ITMSHUTDOWN Program to shutdown ITM Adapter
WSHITESB Submission of Deliveries to ITM for Export Compliance Screening
WSHPDSRS Process Deliveries SRS Program
WSH_ITM_ITEM_SYNC ITM Item Synchronization
WSH_ITM_PARTY_SYNC ITM Party Synchronization
WSHPFUP Print Freight Codes to be Upgraded
WSHFRUCL Freight Upgrade Closed Orders
WSHUPFCL Upgrade Freight Carriers (Closed Orders)
WSHUPDATESM Update Ship Methods
WSHLRMCD Location To Region Mapping – Child
WSHMDC WSH Multi Delivery Consolidation Program
WSHRDLABX Mailing Label PDF Output
WSHRDVLSX Vehicle Load Sheet Summary PDF Output
WSHRDBOLX Bill of Lading PDF Output
WSHRDMBLX Master Bill of Lading PDF Output
WSHRDINVX Commercial Invoice PDF Output
WSHRDPAKX Packing Slip Report PDF Output
WSHRDPIKX Pick Slip Report PDF Output
WSHPURGE Program to purge shipping entities
WSHPSGL_SUB Generate selection list for pick release child process
WSHOTMRL Planned Shipment Interface
WSHTMCAR Synchronize Carriers/Carrier Sites with Transportation Management
WSHOOCHL Shipping-Transportation outbound interface – Child
WSHOOINT Shipping-Transportation Outbound Interface
WSHRDVLSX_XML Vehicle Load Sheet Summary PDF Output
WSHRDXCP_XML Shipping Exceptions Report
WSHRDASC_XML Auto Ship Confirm Report (XML)
WSHRDBDR_XML Backorder Detail Report
WSHRDBOL_XML Bill of Lading
WSHRDBOLX_XML Bill of Lading PDF Output
WSHRDBSR_XML Backorder Summary Report
WSHRDINV_XML Commercial Invoice
WSHRDINVX_XML Commercial Invoice PDF Output
WSHRDIST_XML ITM Adapter Status Report
WSHRDLAB_XML Mailing Label
WSHRDLABX_XML Mailing Label PDF Output
WSHRDMBL_XML Master Bill of Lading
WSHRDMBLX_XML Master Bill of Lading PDF Output
WSHRDOPN_XML Open Deliveries Report
WSHRDPAK_XML Packing Slip Report
WSHRDPAKX_XML Packing Slip Report PDF Output
WSHRDPIK_XML Pick Slip Report
WSHRDPIKX_XML Pick Slip Report PDF Output
WSHRDSDL_XML Shipped Delivery Lines Report
WSHRDVLD_XML Vehicle Load Sheet Details
WSHRDVLS_XML Vehicle Load Sheet Summary
WSHRDAPK_XML Auto-pack Report (XML)
WSHSRINB Process Shipment Requests

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