Configurator Concurrent Programs

Oracle Configurator Concurrent Programs

CZMIGRATE Run Configuration Data Migration
CZMIGRSETUP Setup Configuration Data Migration
CZREPOP Repopulate Model
CZALLBOMSIM Check all models/bills similarity
CZBOMSIM Check model/bill similarity
CZALLBOMSYNC Synchronize all models
CZCREATELNK Enable Remote Server for Configurator
CZSHOWSERVERS Show Remote Servers
CZAPPIMP Refresh All Imported Configuration Models
CZAPPIMPPCM Import Model Bills
CZAPPIMPRFCM Refresh a Configuration Model
CZAPPIMPRMCM Disable/Enable Refresh of a Configuration Model
CZPURGE Purge Configurator Tables
CZREPGS Show Configurator Application Settings
CZREPIN Change Configurator Application Settings
CZREPGIMP Show tables to be Imported
CZREPSIMP Select Tables to Be Imported
CZPUBLISHMODEL Process Pending Publications
CZPUBLISHSINGLE Process a Single Publication
CZALTERSERVER Modify Server Definition
CZPOPULATESRV Define Remote Server
MIGRATEALLFCCP Migrate all functional companions to configurator extensions
CZSYNRESTGTSRCDATA Synchronize Restored Target from Source Database
CZSYNCRESSRCALLTGTDATA Synchronize Restored Source from all Target Databases
CZSYNCTGTDATA Synchronize Cloned Target Data
CZSYNRESSRCTGTDATA Synchronize Restored Source from Target Database
CZSYNCSRCDATA Synchronize Cloned Source Data
CZSYNCSHOWMODELS Show models on target that will be synched
MIGRATEFCBYMODELCP Migrate functional companions to configurator extensions for a single model
CZUPGCONFIGSBYPRD Upgrade model node names on saved configurations identified by a single product key
CZMIGRATEMODELCP Migrate Configuration Models
CZUPGCONFIGSBYITEMS Upgrade model node names on saved configurations identified by a list of imported BOM models
CZCNVPBTGTTODEV Convert Publication Target To Development
CZIPURGETRI Purge All Import Tables Records Less Than Or Equal To The RunID Specified
CZIPURGETD Purge All Import Tables Records Older Than The Number Of Days Specified
CZIPURGE Purge All Import Tables Completely
CZRULEIMPORTCP Import Configuration Rules
CZEXTAPPS Add Application to Publication Applicability List
CZMDLCONVMULT Process Pending Model Conversions
CZMDLCONVSINGLE Process a Single Model Conversion
CZ_MDLCONV Model Conversion XML Publisher Concurrent Program

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