Advanced Product Catalog Concurrent Programs

Oracle Advanced Product Catalog / Product Information Management module Concurrent Programs:

EGOIPI Item People Import
EGOIUAIP This is the concurrent program for the EGOIUAI executable
EGOCIPSP This is the concurrent program for the EGOCIPS executable
EGOIMTIDX Create/Rebuild Item Catalog Text Index
EGOICI Import Catalog Items
EGOOPTICTI Optimize Item Catalog Text Index
EGO_ITEM_CAT_ASSIGN_OI Catalog Categories Assignment Open Interface
EGOBKUPL Bulkload Program For Spread Sheet Upload
EGOIPP Purge Item People Interface Lines
EGOIOIMP Item Organization Assignment Import
EGOCPAGV User-Defined Attribute Group Views (AGV) Compilation Program
EGOMUPURGE Clears item mass update temporary  tables
EGOPRTYSTUP EGO Setup Default Organization for User
EGOMATCH EGO Item Import Batch Matching Concurrent Program
EGOIJAVA EGO Spreadsheet Java Concurrent Program
EGOMUOCP EGO MassUpdate Organization Assignment Concurrent Program
EGOPHPRG EGO program to purge publish history based on input parameters
EGOIOIPURGEINTF Batch Purge for IOI Data from Intf tables

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