Oracle Advanced Benefits Forms

Oracle Advanced Benefits Module Forms:

BENACRPT Coverage Across Plan Types
BENACTPR Maintain Actual Premium Costs
BENAUTHE Authenticate the person
BENBENAS Maintain Benefit Assignment
BENBENGR Maintain Benefits Group
BENBNBAL Maintain Benefit Balances
BENBTPAR Define Batch Parameter
BENCLPSE Collapse Life Events
BENCNTPT Record Continuing Benefits Payments
BENCOMBO Maintain Flex Credit Combinations
BENCOMTY Maintain Communication Types
BENCQBNF COBRA Qualified Beneficiaries
BENCRTOR Maintain Court Orders
BENCVGCA Maintain Coverage Calculation Definitions
BENDEPRO Maintain Dependent Eligibility Profile
BENDISPL Display Participation Information
BENDSPBO View Back-Out Life Event Details
BENDSPER Enrollment Results
BENDSPLE View Person Life Event Information
BENEDSGB Dependent/Beneficiary Designation
BENEEAIB Enrollment Action Items
BENEFXEB Flex Program Enrollment
BENELPRO Maintain Eligibility Profiles
BENEMSEB Miscellaneous Plan Enrollment
BENENFEB Non-Flex Program Enrollment
BENENRAC Maintain Enrollment Action Types
BENEOPEH Override Plan Enrollment
BENEPCPD Primary Care Providers
BENEPRCM Person Communications
BENESPEB Savings Plan Enrollment
BENFCTRS Maintain Comp Factors
BENFLXCR Maintain Flex Credit Calculations
BENFSARE Maintain FSA Reimbursement Information
BENGOODS Maintain Reimburable Goods or Service Types
BENIMPUT Maintain Imputed Income Calculation Definitions
BENLEVRS Life Event Reasons
BENMONIT Monitor Batch Jobs
BENMOPLP Monthly Premiums
BENMOPTP Monthly Participant Premium
BENOLLAC On Line Activity
BENOPTDE Maintain Option Definitions
BENPECRT Person Enrollment Certification
BENPGMDE Maintain Program Definitions
BENPGMEN Maintain Program Enrollment Requirements
BENPLENR Maintain Plan Enrollment Requirements
BENPLNDE Maintain Plan Definitions
BENPLTYP Maintain Plan Type Definitions
BENPOPMS Pop Up Messages
BENPPLYR Maintain Pgm/Pln Yr perd
BENPRBAL Maintain Person Benefit Balances
BENPRTIN Participation Overrides
BENPTDLM Period to Date Limits
BENPTNLS Person’s Potential LE
BENRECCN Record Contribution Information
BENRECDS Record Distribution Information
BENREGNS Maintain Regulations
BENRMBRQ Reimbursement Requests
BENRPTGR Maintain Benefits Reporting Groups
BENSRVAR Maintain Service Areas
BENSTDCA Maintain Standard Contribution/Distribution Definitions
BENSTRUC Display Program Structure
BENUNTPL Benefit Pools
BENVAPRO Maintain Variable Rate Profiles
BENWAIVE Waive Participation
BENWATIF What If Eligibility/Ineligibility
BENWFREP Pre-Enrollment Message
BENXCHLG Change Event Log
BENXCRIT Define Criteria
BENXDEFN Maintain Extract Definition
BENXLAYT Maintain Extract Layout
BENXRSLT Extract Results
BENZIPRG Maintain Postal Zip Ranges
BENPLPCP Plan Primary Care Providers
BENEXTID Maintain Plan Third Party Identifiers

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