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Create Alternate Routing


  • Form Application: Bills of Material
  • Form Name: BOMFDRTG
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/bom/12.0.0/forms/US/BOMFDRTG.fmx

Routing is a set of operations that will be performed in sequence to manufacture an assembly. Routings are setup against an assembly Item. Many times there is possibility of a different ways to manufacture the same assembly, in Oracle that is achieved by setting up ‘Alternate Routings’. Main difference between primary and alternate routing is it has alternate code associate it. One assembly can have as many as alternate routings.

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup alternate routing.

Create Alternate Routing - Oracle Bills Of Material
Rounting controls the sequence of manufacturing operations. Sometimes a product can be manufactured in different ways, in Oracle BOM this can be setup a Alternate Routing for the same aassembly item.

Navigation: BOM responsibility -> Routings ->Routings

    • Enter the assembly item
    • Select the alternate code
    • Enter the Revision
    • Enter the revision effective date
    • Navigate to ‘OPERATIONS’
    • Enter the operation sequence
    • Enter the operation code or select the standard operation
    • If it is not standard operation then enter
      • Department, ,lead time, other operation details
    • Save the changes.
Create Alternate Routing

Create Alternate Routing