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Cash Management R12 Enhancements

Oracle Cash Management Module R12 enhancements


  • Bank Account Balances/Interest Calculation

    • New Bank Account balance types for internal bank accounts

    • Flexible reporting tools for balance and trend reporting


  • Bank Account Transfers

    • Previously only supported through Treasury

    • New Feature allows users to create cash transfers manually or automatically


  • Cash Pooling

    • Self-Initiated physical cash pools

    • Bank-Initiated Physical Cash Pools or Zero Balance Accounts

    • Notional Cash Pools


  • Bank Statement Accounting

    • Define mapping rules that can automatically create and reconcile

    • Users able to define flexible matching rules


  • Bank Account Signing Authorities

    • Users enter, maintain and report on bank account signers

    • Attach electronic copies of documents to signing authority record


  • Cash Positioning Intra-day Activities

    • Additional flexibility in viewing intra-day bank statement activity in cash position

Accounts Payables R12 enhancements

R12 enhancements in AP module

1) New user Interface to Supplier entry & maintenance

  • A new HTML form is available in R12 for entering and updating Suppliers.

2) Suppliers, Supplier sites and contacts

  • Suppliers, sites and contacts are part of TCA (Trading Community Architecture).
  • Each supplier site, contact is defined in TCA globally and any site can use it. Any changes to supplier sites/contacts can be done at TCA level that will reflect automatically in every site (OU), in R11 manually every site/contact should be updated whenever needed.

3) Accounts Payable Invoice Lines

  • R11 Invoices will have only invoice headers and distributions, now in R12 Invoices will have invoice lines and invoice lines will have distributions. Freight, special charges are captured at line level giving the functionality to capture more details at distribution levels.
  • This help in better data visibility/integration with other modules.

4) Banks and Bank Details

  • Bank data model is migrated to TCA architecture. Banks and Bank branches are TCA parties in R12. Bank account information is moved to Cash management

5) Integration with Oracle E-Business Tax

  • A new module ‘E-Business Tax’ is used to configure and manage taxation rules. This determines the tax for each transaction. In R11 descriptive flex fields are used for country specific tax attributes.

6) Multi Org Access Control

  • In R11 each responsibility is associated with an Operating Unit (OU), to access data from different OU, user has to switch responsibility. In R12 while it still maintains the data restriction across OUs, but user can access different OU without changing the responsibility as long as he was given access to different OU.