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3.2 Setup Department


  • Form Application: Bills of Material
  • Form Name: BOMFDODP
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/bom/12.0.0/forms/US/BOMFDODP.fmx

Department consists of group of resources (man and machine) that are used in manufacturing routings. Setting up a resource and assigning to department is a must before using in routing operations.

Navigation: BOM responsibility -> Routings -> Departments

  • Enter ‘Department’ name
  • Enter Department ‘Description’
  • Select department ‘Class’ i.e. Classification of departments into groups.
  • Select department ‘location’ (address)
  • Enter ‘Inactive On’ to inactive a department. Keep blank to keep department active.
  • Click on ‘Resources’
  • Select the ‘Resource’ name to assign to the department
  • Check ‘Available 24hrs’ if the resource is available all day.
  • Check ‘Share’ if this resource can be shared with other departments.
  • Enter the number of units the resource is available in this department.
  • Select ‘Borrowed resources’ shared from other departments that are available in this department.

Save the changes.

Setup Departments

Setup Departments

3.1 Create Resource


  • Form Application: Bills of Material
  • Form Name: BOMFDORS
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/bom/12.0.0/forms/US/BOMFDORS.fmx

Resources are used in manufacturing routing. Resources can be person, machine or just the amount to be charged to work order. Setting up resources and using them in routing operations helps in planning, scheduling and costing of work orders (WIP job).

Navigation: BOM responsibility -> Routings -> Resources

  • Enter ‘Resource’ name
  • Enter Resource ‘Description’
  • Enter ‘Inactive Date’ to set end date
  • Select resource ‘Type’ as Amount or Currency or Machine orĀ  Miscellaneous or Person
  • Select ‘UOM’ (Unit of measure) for the resources. Eg. Hours, Currency
  • Select ‘Charge Type’ as Manual or PO Receipt or PO Move or WIP move
  • Select ‘Basis Type’ as Item or Lot
  • If the resource is Outside Processing (OSP) resource select corresponding OSP item.
  • If it is service item enter ‘Billing’ details
  • If resource should be costed to work order, set the costing details (absorption and variance account)
  • If it resource is ‘Person’ then setup employee name.

Save the changes. Now new resources is created. This can be used in Routing Operations.

Create Resource

Create Resource

2.6 Item Where Used Inquiry


  • Form Application: Bills of Material
  • Form Name: BOMFQWIN
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/bom/12.0.0/forms/US/BOMFQWIN.fmx

Item where used is a reverse view of BOM components. This is very useful as it shows all assembly items that contains this component. Especially for engineers, shop floor supervisors, planers this functionality helps in viewing the all the assemblies associated with a component.

Navigation: BOM responsibility -> Bills -> Item Where Used

  • Enter the component ‘Item
  • Levels‘ to be exploded
  • Specific ‘Revision‘ of Item
  • Organization: Current or hierarchy of organization.
  • Click ‘Find’

Output displays all the assemblies uses the component searched.

Item Where Used Inquiry

Item Where Used Inquiry