Return Material Authorization Order

Return Material Authorization (RMA) is a return sales order to process customer returns for damaged parts, repairs, damaged in transit, warranty failures.

Return orders can be combined with regular sales order if order type category is ‘MIXED’. Otherwise order type category must be RETURN to place return order.

Oracle Order Management supports the below RMA order cycle flows

  • RMA with Credit only: In this scenario customer doesn’t have to return the goods, but he will get credit upon notifying you of bad part received.
  • RMA with Repair: Customer returns the product to your facility, your business will repair and return the goods back to customer.
  • RMA with Replacement: Customer returns the parts and you will send replacement part, these are also called exchange orders.
  • RMA with Receipt and No credit: Customers return the goods but they don’t get any credit, example could be parts shipped for demo or trials at customer facility.
  • RMA with Receipt and Credit: Customers returns the goods and also receives the credit amount.

You can create unlimited return flow processes matching your business needs by customizing oracle workflows.

RMA orders can be entered in 3 ways

  • Manually
  • Copy from original sales order
  • Order Import API/Interface

Navigation: Oracle Order Management responsibility -> Orders, Returns -> Sales Orders

Enter the RMA order information in header and other tabs.

RMA Order Header

RMA Order Header

Click on ‘Line Items’ to enter return line information.

RMA Order Line

RMA Order Line

4 responses to Return Material Authorization Order

  1. plz tell me about RMA process sir

  2. Hi Krishna,
    RMA process are explained above (RMA with credit, RMA return with credit, RMA credit without return etc). Let me know what more details are you looking at ?

  3. is it entered on sales order form different screen ?

  4. Yes. RMA’s can be processed by either manually entering the details in the Sales Order form or the other method being copy the original sales order.

    You have to query with the original sales order and the details will appear. Now you have to right click the sales order and use the copy option. Now you have to change the order type as RMA from standard or any other. Make some required changes in Order and line levels and a new RMA number will be created.

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