Credit Order Summary Report

Credit Order Summary Report is a standard Oracle Order Management report. This report prints out all the RMA order line information based on given parameters.


Oracle Order Management responsibility -> Reports, Requests -> Run Reports -> Select Report name as ‘Credit Order Summary Report’ -> Select the Operating Unit

Order Management Credit Order Summary Report

Order Management Credit Order Summary Report

Report Parameters:

  • Sort By
  • Open Credit Orders Only
  • Item Display
  • Use Ledger Currency
  • Customer Name from
  • Customer Name to
  • Customer Number from
  • Customer Number to
  • Warehouse
  • Credit Order Type
  • Credit Order Line Type
  • Line Category
  • Credit Order Number from
  • Credit Order Number to
  • Credit Order Date from
  • Credit Order Date to
  • Credit Order Days from
  • Credit Order Days to
  • Expected Receipt Days from
  • Expected Receipt Days to
  • Receipt Days from
  • Receipt Days to

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