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Oracle Apps Key Flex Fields

Oracle Applications KFF list

GLLE GL Ledger Flexfield General Ledger
GL# Accounting Flexfield General Ledger
GLAT Reporting Attributes:Accountin General Ledger
CAT# Category Flexfield Assets
KEY# Asset Key Flexfield Assets
LOC# Location Flexfield Assets
CT# Territory Flexfield Receivables
RLOC Sales Tax Location Flexfield Receivables
FEAC Activity Flexfield Enterprise Performance Foundation
FECO Cost Object Flexfield Enterprise Performance Foundation
SERV Service Items Inventory
MCAT Item Categories Inventory
MDSP Account Aliases Inventory
MICG Item Catalogs Inventory
MKTS Sales Orders Inventory
MSTK System Items Inventory
MTLL Stock Locators Inventory
FII# Management Flexfield Financial Intelligence
FWK FWK Item Flexfield Common Modules-AK
GRD Grade Flexfield Human Resources
JOB Job Flexfield Human Resources
PEA Personal Analysis Flexfield Human Resources
POS Position Flexfield Human Resources
SCL Soft Coded KeyFlexfield Human Resources
ICX Item Contexts Keyflex Human Resources
CAGR CAGR Flexfield Human Resources
CMP Competence Flexfield Human Resources
BANK Bank Details KeyFlexField Payroll
COST Cost Allocation Flexfield Payroll
GRP People Group Flexfield Payroll
RES Training Resources Learning Management
ACCT Account Structure Asia/Pacific Localizations
BPS PSB Position Flexfield Public Sector Budgeting
GRP# Group Asset Capital Resource Logistics – Assets
SGP# Super Group Capital Resource Logistics – Assets
AHLO AHL Operation Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
AHLR AHL Route Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
ZX# eBTax Context Flexfield E-Business Tax