Customer Profile Classes Setup


Form Application: Oracle Accounts Receivables
Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/ar/12.0.0/forms/US/ARXMACPC.fmx

Customer Profile classes consists of setting up limits/rules for credit checks, payment terms etc. Once profile classes are setup they can be assigned to customers.

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Navigation: Login to Oracle Apps -> Select Accounts Receivables responsibility -> Setup

  • Navigate to  Customers -> Profile Classes
  • Query any existing profile class to modify or enter new profile class name
  • Enter the Profile Class Name
  • Enter Profile Class description
  • Check the ‘Active’ flag to make profile class active
  • Setup ‘Profile Class’ tab fields
  •     Balance forwarding enable
  •     Bill level
  •     Bill type
  •     Invoice Tax printing rule
  •     Invoice grouping rule
  •     Payment terms
  •     Allow discount
  •     Override terms
  •     Discount grace days
  •     Send statements
  •     Send credit balance
  •     Send dunning letters
  •     Collector name
  •     Collector classification
  •     Periodic review cycle
  •     Analyst
  •     Tolerance %
  •     Credit Check
  •     Match Receipts by
  •     Auto cash rule set
  •     Remainder rule set
  •     Auto receipts include disputed items
  • Setup ‘Late Charge Profile’ tab fields
  •     Enable late charges
  •     Charge calculation
  •     Additional Charges & Reductions – Credit items & disputed transactions
  •     Late charge type
  •     Payment term
  •     Message text
  •     Interest calculation formula
  •     Interest calculation period
  •     Days in period
  •     Receipt grace days
  •     Hold charged invoices
  •     Charge beginning date
  •     Use multiple interest dates
  • Setup ‘Profile Class Amounts’ tab fields
  •     Credit limit amount
  •     Order credit limit amount
  •     Minimum receipt amount
  •     Minimum statement amount
  •     Exchange rate type
  •     Minimum customer balance tolerance
  •     Minimum Invoice balance
  •     Minimum charge per invoice
  •     Interest charge type
  •     Interest charge value
  •     Charge schedule rule
  •     Penalty charge type
  •     Penalty charge value
  •     Penalty charge schedule rule

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