Customer Profile Classes Setup


Form Application: Oracle Accounts Receivables
Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/ar/12.0.0/forms/US/ARXMACPC.fmx

Customer Profile classes consists of setting up limits/rules for credit checks, payment terms etc. Once profile classes are setup they can be assigned to customers.

Customer Profile Classes Setup - Oracle Accounts Receivables
Customer profile classes supports setting up rules for customers and later they can be assigned to customers.
For detailed tutorial on how to setup customer profile classes in Oracle Accounts Receivables visit us at


Navigation: Login to Oracle Apps -> Select Accounts Receivables responsibility -> Setup

  • Navigate to  Customers -> Profile Classes
  • Query any existing profile class to modify or enter new profile class name
  • Enter the Profile Class Name
  • Enter Profile Class description
  • Check the ‘Active’ flag to make profile class active
  • Setup ‘Profile Class’ tab fields
  •     Balance forwarding enable
  •     Bill level
  •     Bill type
  •     Invoice Tax printing rule
  •     Invoice grouping rule
  •     Payment terms
  •     Allow discount
  •     Override terms
  •     Discount grace days
  •     Send statements
  •     Send credit balance
  •     Send dunning letters
  •     Collector name
  •     Collector classification
  •     Periodic review cycle
  •     Analyst
  •     Tolerance %
  •     Credit Check
  •     Match Receipts by
  •     Auto cash rule set
  •     Remainder rule set
  •     Auto receipts include disputed items
  • Setup ‘Late Charge Profile’ tab fields
  •     Enable late charges
  •     Charge calculation
  •     Additional Charges & Reductions – Credit items & disputed transactions
  •     Late charge type
  •     Payment term
  •     Message text
  •     Interest calculation formula
  •     Interest calculation period
  •     Days in period
  •     Receipt grace days
  •     Hold charged invoices
  •     Charge beginning date
  •     Use multiple interest dates
  • Setup ‘Profile Class Amounts’ tab fields
  •     Credit limit amount
  •     Order credit limit amount
  •     Minimum receipt amount
  •     Minimum statement amount
  •     Exchange rate type
  •     Minimum customer balance tolerance
  •     Minimum Invoice balance
  •     Minimum charge per invoice
  •     Interest charge type
  •     Interest charge value
  •     Charge schedule rule
  •     Penalty charge type
  •     Penalty charge value
  •     Penalty charge schedule rule

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