Oracle Navigation Hot Keys

Oracle Applications navigation Hot keys:

Clear Block F7
Clear Field F5
Clear Form F8
Clear Record F6
Commit Ctrl+S
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Delete Record Ctrl+Up
Display Error Shift+Ctrl+E
Duplicate Field Shift+F5
Duplicate Record Shift+F6
Edit Ctrl+E
Enter Query F11
Execute Query Ctrl+F11
Exit/Cancel Query F4
Help Ctrl+H
Insert Record Ctrl+Down
List of Values Ctrl+L
Next Block Shift+Page Down
Next Field Tab
Next Record Down
Next Set of Records Shift+F8
Paste Ctrl+V
Previous Block Shift+Page Up
Previous Field Shift+Tab
Previous Record Up
Print Ctrl+P
Return Return
Scroll Down Page Down
Scroll Up Page Up
Undo Typing Ctrl+Z
Update Record Ctrl+U

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