11.3 Enter Cycle Count Entries


  • Form Application: Inventory
  • Form Name: INVATCEN
  • Form Path: /oracle/apps/r12/visr12/apps/apps_st/appl/inv/12.0.0/forms/US/INVATCEN.fmx

Cycle count process is periodic schedule inventory counting and verification process. Once cycle count is setup it can be scheduled to run automatically based on ABC class and count frequency or manual schedules can be entered to do cycle count for specific items on periodic basis. Once cycle count is scheduled the next step is actually doing the counting and capturing the results in count quantity. This will help is doing inventory variance and approval.

Navigation: Inventory responsibility -> Counting -> Cycle Counting -> Cycle Count Entries

  • Select the ‘Cycle Count’ name from the drop down
  • Click ‘Find’, choose ‘Yes’ when prompted with ‘Find all open count requests’
  • Select the specific count sequence you have counted or create a new count if dynamic count is allowed
  • Enter actual ‘Count quantity’

Save the changes. Now new count quantity is captured against the system quantity. The difference is variance and based on cycle count setup, system enforces if any approval is required.

Enter Cycle Count Entries

Enter Cycle Count Entries

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