Advanced Benefits Concurrent Programs

Oracle Advanced Benefits Concurrent Programs:

BENMNOEW Manage Open Enrollment Window
BENCLAUD Close Enrollments Audit Log
BENCLENR Close Enrollments Process
BENCLRST Restart Closed Enrollment
BENCLENRS Close Enrollments (Multithread)
BENCLSUM Close Enrollments Summary Report
BENCMAUD Communications Triggers Audit Log
BENCMEPE Error By Person Report(Comm.)
BENCMETY Error By Error Type Report(Comm.)
BENCMRST Restart Determine Communications
BENCMSUM Communications Triggers Summary Report
BENTMPCMT Communications (Thread)
BENCOBN1 COBRA Benefit  Notification Letter
BENDEAUD Dependent Eligibility Audit Log
BENDESUM Dependent Eligibility Summary Report
BENDFAUD Default Enrollment Audit Log
BENDFLT Default Enrt Sub-Proc(thread)
BENDFRST Restart Default process
BENDFSUM Default Enrollment Summary Report
BENEADEB Default Enrollment Process
BENERPER Person Error Report
BENERTYP Error Type Report
BENMDSGL Designee Elig Sub-Proc(thread)
BENPRCON Premium Calculation Process
BENPRDEA Premium Calculation Audit Log
BENPRSUM Premium Calculation Summary Report
BENPURGE Participation Audit Activity Purge
BENDSGEL Maintain Designee Eligibility
BENUAAUD Close Action Items Audit Log
BENUARST Restart Unresolved Action
BENUASUM Close Action Items Summary Report
BENUNEAIS Cls Unres Actn Itm(thread)
BENUNEAI Close Action Items Process
BENXWRIT Extract Write Process
BENXTHRD Extract Thread
BENXERRO Extract Error Report
BENXSMRY Extract Summary Report
BENXLAYT Extract Layout Report
BENXAUDT Extract Audit Report
BENACTIV Participation Summary Report
BENAUDIT Participation Audit Log
BENERRPE Participation Error Detail Report by Person
BENERRTY Participation Error Detail Report by Error Type
BENGELOG Participation Process Report
BENMNGLE Logging facility
BENCONC Manage Life events process
BENTHREAD Participation Multithread
BENRSTRT Restart Participation Process
BENBOCOM Back-out Life Events (thread)
BENBOAUD Back-out Life Events Audit Log
BENBOSUM Back-out Life Events Summary Report
BENXTRCT Extract Process
BENBOCON Back-out Life Events Process
BENPRPLC Premium Plan Calc(thread)
BENPRCOM Premium Calculation(thread)
BENLIMOD Participation Process: Life Event
BENSEMOD Participation Process: Selection
BENTEMOD Participation Process: Temporal
BENSCMOD Participation Process: Scheduled
BENPPTEL Maintain Participant Eligibility
BENREMOD Recalculate Participant Values
BENFRCON Process  Forfeitures
BENFRCOM Process Forfeitures – Thread
BENCBRIN COBRA Benefit Initial Information
BENHIDPNT HIPAA Dependent Letter
BENFRSUM Process Forfeitures Summary Report
BENFRAUD Process Forfeitures Audit Log
BENCOMOD Participation Process: Compensation – Internal Only
BENEXRST Extract Restart Process
BENROLERT Reopen Life Events Process (Thread)
BENTCMAR Temporal Communications (Action Item Reminder)
BENTCMEE Temporal Communications (Emerging Events)
BENTCMER Temporal Communications (Enrollment Reminder)
BENTCMMM Temporal Communications (Mass Mailing)
BENBCCON Compensation Workbench Back-out Life Events Process
BENCWBPP Compensation Workbench Postprocess
BENCWBPR Compensation Workbench Progress Report
BENTMPCM Determine Communications
BENCWBAU Compensation Workbench Post-Process Audit Log Report
BENCWBSM Compensation Workbench Post-Process Summary Report
BENCWBEX Compensation Workbench Post-Process Exception Report
BENCCENR Compensation Workbench Close Enrollment Process
BENCWBMT Compensation Workbench Postprocess Multithread
BENRECON Reconciliation of Premium Contributions to Element Entries Report
BENLETHN Test harness participation process
BENABMOD Participation Process: Absence
BENPDCDL Plan Design Copy – Export
BENPDCUL Plan Design Copy – Import
BENSMREP Benefits Confirmation and Summary
BECNCREP Benefits Reports Wrapper Process
BENPDDLS Plan Design Copy – Export – Update Status
BEENRKIT Benefits Enrollment Kit Report
BENLESUM Life Events Summary Report
BENELGEN Eligibility and Enrollment List
BENGSMOD Participation Process: Grade Step
BENBGCON Back Out Grade/Step Life Events
BENXDNLDR Extract Definition Upload from Data File – FNDLOAD
BENPAMOD Participation Process: Personnel Action
BENPRBCK Purge Backed-out Or Voided Life Events
BENXEXP Extract Definition Download to Data File
BENXPURG Extract Results Data Purge
BENPRRST Restart Purge Benmngle rows
BENXUPLDR Extract Definition Download to Data File – FNDLOAD
BEDEORPH Benefits Post Upgrade Process
BENPRTRD Purge Benmngle rows – Mutlithread
BEDEORTHRD Benefits Post Upgrade Process (Thread)
BENXIMP Extract Definition Upload from Data File
BENGCMOD Participation Process: Compensation Workbench
BENCWBBT Back-out Group Compensation (thread)
BENDMSU Person Migration Upload
BENTCSMT Total Compensation Statement Process Multithread
BENXLGPURG Extract Change Event Log Purge
BENCWBBO Back-out Compensation Workbench Life Events Process
BENIRCBO iRecruitment Back-out Life Events Process
BENXDXML Extract XML Publisher
BENUNVEL Eligibility Engine
BENCWBMN Compensation Workbench Mass Notification
BEPDCPRC Copy Plan Design Process
BENPDCPG Purge Plan Design Copy Process
BENDMSD Person Migration Download
BENTCSSP Total Compensation Statement Process
BEPDCMFF Compile Plan Design Fast Formulas
BEPDWELG Copy Eligibilty Data From Benefits Tables To Plan Design Wizard Process
BENGSPRS Recalculate Participation Values: Grade/Step Progression
BENXMLWRIT Extract XML Write Process
BEPDWSTG Copy From Benefits Tables To Plan Design Wizard Process
BENCWBMU Compensation Workbench Model Upgrade Process
BENCWBRP Compensation Workbench Refresh Process
BENUNELTHRD Eligibility Engine (Thread)
BENMNOEM Manage Open Enrollment Window (threads)
BENROLER Reopen Life Events Process
BENACTIV_XML Participation Summary Report (XML)
BENCMEPE_XML Error By Person Report(Comm.) (XML)
BENDESUM_XML Dependent Eligibility Summary Report (XML)
BENFRAUD_XML Process Forfeitures Audit Log (XML)
BENPRSUM_XML Premium Calculation Summary Report (XML)
BENXLAYT_XML Extract Layout Report (XML)
BENCLAUD_XML Close Enrollments Audit Log (XML)
BENDEAUD_XML Dependent Eligibility Audit Log (XML)
BENERTYP_XML Error Type Report (XML)
BENPRDEA_XML Premium Calculation Audit Log (XML)
BENXAUDT_XML Extract Audit Report (XML)
BENBOAUD_XML Back-out Life Events Audit Log (XML)
BENCMSUM_XML Communications Triggers Summary Report (XML)
BENERPER_XML Person Error Report (XML)
BENUASUM_XML Close Action Items Summary Report (XML)
BENCWBSP Compensation Workbench Single Person Participation Process
BENBOSUM_XML Back-out Life Events Summary Report (XML)
BENCMETY_XML Error By Error Type Report(Comm.) (XML)
BENDFSUM_XML Default Enrollment Summary Report (XML)
BENFRSUM_XML Process Forfeitures Summary Report (XML)
BENRECON_XML Reconciliation of Premium Contributions to Element Entries Report (XML)
BENAUDIT_XML Participation Audit Log (XML)
BENCMAUD_XML Communications Triggers Audit Log (XML)
BENDFAUD_XML Default Enrollment Audit Log (XML)
BENGELOG_XML Participation Process Report (XML)
BENUAAUD_XML Close Action Items Audit Log (XML)
BENXSMRY_XML Extract Summary Report (XML)
BENCLSUM_XML Close Enrollments Summary Report (XML)
BENCOBN1_XML COBRA Benefit  Notification Letter (XML)
BENERRTY_XML Participation Error Detail Report by Error Type (XML)
BENLESUM_XML Life Events Summary Report (XML)

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