Receivables Concurrent Programs

Oracle Account Receivables Concurrent Programs

ARCABP Cash Application Batch Posting
ARXCER Collection Effectiveness Indicators
ARXSGP Statement Generation Program
RAXTRX Interface your transactions to Oracle Receivables
ARXAGC Aging –  By Amount Report
ARXAGE Aging – 4 Bucket Reports
ARXAGR Aging – By Salesperson/Agent Report
ARXAGS Aging- 7 Bucket Report
ARXBPH Billing and Receipt History
ARXCBH Billing History
ARXCCA Call Actions Report
ARXCCH Collector Call History
ARXCCS Customer Credit Snapshot
ARXCDD Collections By Collector Report
ARXCDE Tax Received Report
ARXCFU Collector’s Follow Up Report
ARXCKI Collection Key Indicators
ARXCPH Receipt Analysis – Days Late
ARXCPP Receipt Promises Report
ARXCTA Adjustment Approval Report
ARXCUS Customer List
ARXDCF Collections Receipt Forecast
ARXDKI Receivables Key Indicators – Daily
ARXFUH Customer Follow Up History
ARXINR Invoice Register
ARXINV Draft Invoice Print
ARXKIR Receivables Key Indicators – Summary
ARXREV Reversed Receipts Report
ARXSOC Deposited Cash Report – Open Detail
ARXSOC2 Deposited Cash Report – Applied Detail
ARXDUNP Dunning Letters – Preliminary
ARXPDI Past Due Invoice Report
ARXIVP Dunning Invoice Copies
ARDLGP Historical Dunning Letter Generate
ARDSLG Sample Dunning Letter Print
ARXMCR Miscellaneous Transactions Report
ARPCBA Cash Basis Accounting Posting
ARXMPR Print Debit Memos
ARLPLB Process Lockboxes
RACUST Customer Interface
ARXACM Applied Credit Memo Report
RAXAUD Audit Report for Non Taxable Invoices
RAXCBR Commitment Balance Report
RAXCUS Customer Listing – Summary
RAXGLR Sales Journal by GL Account
RAXIKI Key Indicators – Daily Summary
RAXINV_NEW Invoice Print New Invoices
RAXMRG Customer Merge
RAXREC Recurring Invoice report
RAXSKI Key Indicators Report — Summary
RAXMRP Duplicate Customer Report
ARXAAP AutoAdjustment
ARXASR Account Status Report
ARXCHR Credit Hold Report
ARXDIR Disputed Invoice Report
ARXFRV Projected Gains and Losses Report
ARBCPC Customer Profile Copy
ARGLTP Oracle Receivables Interface to Oracle General Ledger
ARGCGP Clear AR Entries from GL Interface
ARGUPC Update Posting Control
ARXGER Unposted Items Report
ARXGTR Posting Execution Report
RAXNCAR Other Applications Report
RAXINX Invoice Exception Report
RAXINVAD Gives detailed information about invoices
RAXPTL Payment Terms Listing
RAXICI Inter Company Invoices Report
RAXADJ Adjustment Register
ARRGTA AR: Journal Entries Report
ARXADJ Rollforward adjustment transactions
ARXACR Create Oracle Receivables audit table
ARXCCP Shows the credit information defined for the customer
ARXDMD Debit Memo Detail Report
ARXDPR Shows user possible discount exposure
ARXGLR Journal Entries Report – Output
ARXPAR AutoCash Rules Report
ARZCAR_FORMAT_RECEIPT Format Automatic Receipts Program
ARZCAR_RECEIPT Automatic Receipts Creation Program
ARZCAR_REMIT Automatic Remittances Creation Program
ARZCAR_FORMAT_REMIT Format Automatic Remittances Program
RAXARL Accounting Rules Report
RAXINPS Invoices Posted to Suspense
ARXREC Recurring Invoice Program
ARDLP Dunning Letter Print
ARFXPL Receivables Flexfield Pre-Processor for PL/SQL scripts
ARYVTSLD European Sales Listing
ARXCAR Applied Receipts Register (Obsolete)
ARXCOA2 Unapplied Receipts Register
RAXINV_SEL Invoice Print Selected Invoices
RAXINV_BATCH Invoice Print a Batch of Invoices
RAXINV_ADJ Invoice Print Selected Adjustments
ARXBDP Bad Debt Provision Report
ARXTDR Transaction Detail Report
ARITXI Sales Tax Rate Interface – Obsolete
ARBARL Revenue Recognition
RAXILL Print a listing of the Standard Memo Lines
RAXIIR Incomplete Invoices Report
RAXTTL Print a listing of the Transaction Types
RAXATB Tax-only: Open Invoices Reoport
RAXSOL Print a listing of the Batch Sources
ARXGER_NON_SRS Unposted Items Report from GL Transfer Program
ARXRECO Recurring Invoice Execution Report
RAXGLA Sales Journal By Customer
ARBARL_NON_SRS Revenue Recognition from GL Transfer
ARXAPRRM Receipts Awaiting Remittance Report
ARXAPRCL Receipts Awaiting Bank Clearance Report
ARXAPRCB Automatic Receipt Batch Management Report
ARXAPRCF Automatic Receipts Awaiting Confirmation
ARXAPRMB Remittance Batch Management Report
ARXAPIPM Transactions Awaiting Consolidation
RAXINVPR Invoice Print Preview Report
ARXSTR U.S. Sales Tax Report
RAXCUSLR Customer Listing – Detail
RAXDEL Autoinvoice Purge Program
ARXRJR Receipt Journal Report
ARXRWS Receipts Without Sites Report
ARXDAR Discount Adjustment Report
ARXTTCL Tax Code Listing
ARXSTTEL Tax Exceptions Listing
ARXSTTEC Tax Exempt Customer Report
ARXSTVNP Tax Exempt Product Report
ARXSTSTL Sales Tax Listing
ARXCURLL Customer Relationships Listing
ARXSTVRR Tax Register
ARXSTDVR Deferred VAT Report
ARXAPFRC Format Automatic Receipts
ARXAPFRM Print Remittances
ARXADTRM Format Remittance Transmission
ARZCARPO Automatic Receipts/Remittances Execution Report
ARXICR Inter Company Receipts
ARXAGL Aging – By Collector Report
ARXAGF Aging –  By Account Report
ARXSGPO Print Statements
RAXMTR Interface your transactions to Oracle Receivables
RAXINV_NON_SRS Invoice Print Selected Invoices from Dunning
ARXGRL Ordering and Grouping Rules Listing Report
ARXINVAD Audit Report by Document Number
ARXVATEX VAT Exception Report
ARXVATRN Output Tax Reconciliation Report
ARXVATRV Customers with Invoices at 0 VAT and no VAT Registration Number
JEESRREC Spanish BOE Format
JEESRREM Spanish BOE Remittance Format
JEDEREDD German Direct Debit EFT Format Program
JEITRREC Italian Receipt Format
JEITRREM Italian Remittance EFT
JEFRAR21 French Bill of Exchange
JEFRAR22 French Receivables Bank Remittance – LCR – Accepted Bill of Exchange
ARXRBRD Bank Risk Report
ARZACS Automatic Clearing for Receipts
ARARCDRP Archive Detail Report
ARARCSEL Archive Selection
ARARCSRP Archive Summary Report
ARARCHID Archive Detail
ARARCHIH Archive Header
ARARCONA Archive Restart
ARARCONC Archive and Purge
ARARCONT Archive Preview
ARARCPUR Purge Module
ARARCDNL Archive to File
ARXSCN Supplier Customer Netting Report
ARXCARE Applied Receipts Exceptions Register
AR1 China localization report 1
AR2 China localization report 2
AR3 China localization report 3
OERPT OE China local required report
OE1 OE China required report
ARXMTEXC Multiple Tax Exceptions
ARXMTEXM Multiple Tax Exemptions
JEESDIDE Spanish Direct Debit Format Magnetic Format (CSB 19)
ARXVDREV Customer Balance Revaluation Report
ARXINREV Open Items Revaluation Report
ARXJEHIS Journal with GL Details Report
ARXTRXRN Transaction Reconciliation Report
ARXTXCAN Canadian GST / PST Tax Report
ARXDUNH Dunning History
ARXCBI_NEW Print New Consolidated Billing Invoices
ARXCBI_DRAFT Print Draft Consolidated Billing Invoices
ARXCBI_REPRINT Reprint Consolidated Billing Invoices
ARXCBI_ACCEPT Accept Consolidated Billing Invoices
ARXCBI_REJECT Reject Consolidated Billing Invoices
ARXRANAM Alternate Customer Name Receipt Matching
ARSTAX Receivables Tax Engine
APXBCRPT Bank Charges Report
JEPTARDL Portuguese Direct Debit Letter
JEPTARDD Portuguese Direct Debit File
RXARSTR RX U.S. Sales Tax Report Header Level
ARXFXGL Cross Currency Exchange Gain/Loss Report
ARXNROPN Notes Receivable Report
ARXNRREV Reversed Notes Receivable Report
ARXLPLB Lockbox Execution Report
JLBRRAIT Brazilian Receivables Collection Remittance Batch File
JLBRRRBO Brazilian Receivables Collection Remittance Batch Report
JLBRRRBD Brazilian Receivables Factoring Remittance Batch Report
JLBRROIT Brazilian Receivables Occurrences Remittance Batch File
JLBRRROB Brazilian Receivables Occurrences Remittance Batch Report
RXARSTRL RX U.S. Sales Tax Report Header Level
ARMRCUPG1 You run this program separately for each reporting currency
ARMRCUPG2 You run this program once only after you have completed Phase1 for all reporting currencies
ARXTTGL Tax Group Listing
ARXCSTXT Customer text data creation and indexing
ARXRECON AR Reconciliation Report
RXARRCRG RX-only:Receipts Register
RXARACRC RX-only:Actual Receipt
ARRXRCRG Publish Receipts Register
ARRXACRC Publish Actual Receipt
RXARINVR RX-only: Transactions Register
RXARINVC RX-only: Transactions Check
RXARRCFR RX-only: Receipt Forecast
ARRXINVR Publish Transactions Register
ARRXINVC Publish Transactions Check
ARRXRCFR Publish Receipt Forecast
ARXCOBLX Customer Open Balance Letter
ARPURGE New Archive and Purge
ARARCALL Call New Archive and Purge
RXARPTEX Rx-only: Financial Tax Register Extract
RXARPFTR RXi: Financial Tax Register Report
ARDLP_NON_SRS Dunning Letter Print from Dunning Letter Generate
RXARMTRG RX-only: Miscellaneous Receipts Register – Extract
ARRXMTRG Miscellaneous Receipts Register
RXARADJR RX:Adjustment Register – Extract
RXARARRG RX-only: Applied Receipts Register
ARRXARRG Applied Receipts Register – RXi
ARRXARPB Adjustment Register – RXi
ARXHUNG Hungarian Receivables Open Items Revaluation Report
ARHGDPRQ DNB Global Data Products Request Report
ARHDUNDP Duplicate DUNS Report
ARHDQBD DQM Duplicate Identification Batch Program
ARHDQBDW DQM Duplicate Identification Worker
RACUSTMA Customer Interface Master Conc Program
RACUSTSB Customer Interface Sub Request
ARHDQCMAL Compile All DQM Match Rules
ARHDQM DQM Staging Program
ARHDQMCR DQM Index Creation Program
ARHDQMSTW DQM Staging Worker
ARHDQOPT DQM Index Optimization Program
ARHDQSYN DQM Synchronization Program
ARHMRFCO Manual refresh of Materialized View HZ_RA_CONTACTS_MV
ARTACPTH Populate Customer Credit Summary data – Period Drill Down
ARTADCRP Delete Control Record after Cash Processing
ARTADEDT Lists Deduction Transaction Details
ARTADMSDED List of Deductions transferred from DMS
ARTADMSERR Error list of Deductions transferred from DMS
ARTADMSTOTA Transfer Deductions from DMS to TA
ARTAHVMR High Volumne Manual Receipts Report
ARTAICRP Insert Control Record before Cash Processing
ARTAIDED Internal Deduction Report
ARTALISTMOVE List deductions transferred from TA to DMS
ARHMRFAD Manual refresh of Materialized View HZ_RA_ADDRESSES_MV
ARTALOGR Receivables Log Report
ARTAPREVDED Preview deductions to be transferred from TA
ARTAPRLD_LOAD Import Legacy Promotion data
ARTAPRLD_VALIDATE Validate Legacy Promotion data
ARTAPRTREC Auto Reconciliation Report
ARTASGP CPG Statement Generation Program
ARTASGPO Print CPG Statements
ARTATODMS Transfer Deductions from TA to DMS
ARTAUVAP Update Negative Values after Cash Processing
ARTAVALD Validate all the invalid objects
ARMRCOSPT You run this program to spawn journal transfer SRS for all sets of books
ARTA_HVCON Submission program
ARTAAGTB Aged Trial Balance – 7 Buckets – By Deduction Assigned-To
ARTAALOB Aged Trial Balance – 7 Buckets – By LOB
ARTABLDREC Auto Reconciliation PL/SQL Procedure
ARTACAEN High Volume Cash Processing Engine
ARTACELO Displays cash engine log as a part of the log report
ARBRFMTW Bills Receivable Format Report Wrapper Program
ARBRFRRT French Remittance EFT
ARBRITRT Italian Remittance EFT
ARBRRMBM Bills Receivable Remittance Batch Management Report
ARBRRMCP Bills Receivable Remittance concurrent program
ARBRRMLT Bills Receivable Reminder Letters
ARBRSTPV Bills Receivable Stamp Values Report
ARBRATBR Automatic Transactions Batch Report
ARRXBRBS Bills Receivable by Status Report
ARRXBRSS Bills Receivable Summary Report
ARBRBRCP Bills Receivable Batch Creation Concurrent Program
ARBRCLRG Bills Receivable Maturity and Risk Program
ARBRCS32 Spanish Bills Receivable CSB32 Template
ARBRCS58 Spanish Bills Receivable CSB58 Template
ARBRFMTF French Bills Receivable Format Report
RXARBRBS Bills Receivable by Status Report
RXARBRSS RX-only: Bills Receivable Summary Report
ARBRFMTI Italian Bills Receivable Format Report
ARBRFMTS Spanish Bills Receivable Format Report
AREFCSUM MRC Receivables-GL Account Summary
ARXCCU Credit limit usages report
ARRXSLRG Publish Sales Register
ARWRTCON Automatic Receipt Write-off  Program
ARWRTRPT Receipt Write-off Report
ARXOTHER Other Receipt Applications Report
RXARSLRG RX-only: Sales Register
ARBARL_NON_SRS2 Revenue Recognition Execution Report
ARTERRPM Revenue Recognition Master Program
ARTERRPW Revenue Recognition with parallel workers
ARXFZKEY Generate key for fuzzy match
ARXFILLGEO Filling Geometry Column of HZ_LOCATIONS Table
AREFCDET MRC Receivables Open Item Report
ARHMPDNB Load D&B Data (8i Implementation)
ARHPMERGE Party Merge Concurrent Program
ARHRQDNB Generate Request List For DNB Batch Load
AREXCUSP Oracle Exchange Customer Interface Data Feeder Program
AREXINVP Oracle Exchange Invoice Interface Data Feeder Program
ARPOMIGREP AR – Profile Option Migration Report
ARSSETUP Receivables Setup Detail Report
ARZCAR_RECEIPT_SRS Automatic Receipts Creation Program (SRS)
ARXAGFW Aging –  By Account Report
ARXAGLW Aging – By Collector Report
ARXAGRW Aging – By Salesperson/Agent Report
ARXAGSW Aging- 7 Bucket Report
ARTAXSETUPVERIFYREP Tax: Setup Verification Report
ARTECMMR Build Credit Distributions (from ARXTWCMI form)
HZ_THIRD_PARTY_UPDATE Third Party Integration Update
HZ_THIRD_PARTY_UPDATE_SUB Third Party Integration Update Sub-Process
ARBNKDIR Import Bank Directory data
ARHCRTHI Coverts a non-hierarchical relationship type to a hierarchical relationship type
ARHGEOUP Update the Geometry column in HZ_LOCATIONS
ARHLIBLD Rebuilds the Spatial Index defined for HZ_LOCATIONS.GEOMETRY.
ARHRECC Refresh of hz_class_code_denorm table
ARHDUPB Create Merge Batch
ARHCMUCP Mass Update of Credit Usages
ARHPARTYPUR TCA Purge Identified Parties
ARHIDENTPUR TCA – Identify Purge Parties
ARBPIPMP Print Selected Transactions
ARBPIPCP Prints BPA Documents
ARBPTMGX Generate Stylesheet for BPA Templates
ARDEPBALRPT Deposit Balance Report – Japan
ARXDRATR Deferred Revenue Audit Trail Report
ARREVSWP Revenue Contingency Analyzer
ARREVEVT Revenue Events Manager
ARXSTRP Sales Tax Report for use in U.S
AREXTDOC Document Transfer Scheduling
ARTRSDOC Document Transfer Program
ARCMCRAB Reassign Credit Analyst Program
ARCMPRCP Periodic Credit Review Program, Disabled as part of Bug 3824304
ARCMCLSB Assign Customer Credit Classification Program
ARSUMREF This concurrent program does a refresh of the two transaction summary tables i.e. AR_TRX_BAL_SUMMARY and AR_TRX_SUMMARY
ARSUMRECREF This program refreshes the AR transaction summary data for a specific customer.
ARVRVMGX Revenue Management Exceptions Report
ARCMRFHB Refresh Case Folder Data Program
ARXAGCW Aging –  By Amount Report
ARHLPURB TCA Import Process to Purge a Batch
ARHLERRPT Report of Errors Within an Import Batch
ARHAMRGP Automerge
ARHIMAIN Import batch of data from TCA import interface tables into TCA registry
ARHDNBCH Create DNB Hierarchy
ARHADDRV Address Validation
ARHMAILS Mailstop migration from org contacts to party sites
ARCICCID Correct Invalid CCID
ARHPHRPI Remove Protected HR Person Data From TCA Tables
ARHCPRLA Copies Relationship Type and all Associated Relationships
ARHCPRLH Copies Hierarchy of a given Party
ARHCPRLC Convert a Relationship Type to Hierarchical
ARHGNR Geography Name Referencing Program
ARHGNRW Geography Name Referencing Worker
ARHPERNM Migrates Person’s First name and Last name from RA_CUSTOMERS to HZ_PARTIES.
ARHUPGR Provides the required number of rows to process and the number of actual rows processed by each TCA base upgrade script after upgrade to 11i .
ARBRIBYFMT iPayment Bills Receivable Remittance format program
ARZCAR_REMIT_SRS Automatic Receipts Creation Program (SRS)
ARPREMAT Applies the prepayment receipt to the related invoice
JEFRAR2B Etat de Remise a la Banque – LCR – Billet a Ordre
ARHADDRC Child Concurrent Program for Address Validation
ARHLDDNB1 Load D&B Batch flat file into HZ interface tables – first pass
ARHLDDNB2 Load D&B Batch flat file into HZ interface tables – second pass
ARHLDDNB3 Create external Table for D&B Batch Flat file Upload
ARHLDDNB4 Preprocessing for D&B Import Adapter
ARHLDDNB5 D&B Batch File Postprocessing for Records Loaded Through D&B Import Adapter
ARHLPPLB TCA Import Postprocessing
ARHLPPLS TCA Import Child Process for Postprocessing
ARHADDRM Main concurrent Program for Address Validation
ARHLSG1W Data Load Stage 1
ARHLSG2W Data Load Stage 2
ARHLSG3W Data Load Stage 3
ARHLWRPB TCA Import – Batch Data Load Main Wrapper
ARHLWRPO TCA Import – Online Data Load Main Wrapper
ARHMPINS Source System – Migrate Party Level Source System References
ARHTZCPT Generate Time Zone Associated with the Phone Number
ARHTZLOC Generate Time Zone Associated with the Location
ARHADDRW Address Validation Worker
HZ_DNB_ADAPTER2 D&B Import Adapter for loading flat file data into the import interface tables
ARHLVOUT Import Batch De-Duplication Report
ARHAPREL Account relationship migration to Party relationship
ARHDCH DQM Sync Import Child Program
ARHDIDIP Interface Duplicate Identification
ARHDIDIW Interface Duplicate Identification Worker
ARXASR_XML Account Status Report
ARXBDP_XML Bad Debt Provision Report
ARXBPH_XML Billing and Receipt History
ARXCBH_XML Billing History
ARXCCP_XML Shows the credit information defined for the customer
ARXCCS_XML Customer Credit Snapshot
ARXCHR_XML Credit Hold Report
ARXCOBLX_XML Customer Open Balance Letter
ARXCPH_XML Receipt Analysis – Days Late
ARHLERRPT_XML Report of Errors Within an Import Batch
ARCMPRPT Periodic Credit Review Program and Report(1)
ARBPBFMP Print Selected Balance Forward Bills
ARCGSRVP Main program that publishes RXi report by taking data from the interface table.
RXARCOGS Child program to populate interface table
ARCGSSMP Main program that publishes RXi report by taking data from the interface table.
RXARSMCG RX-only: COGS and Revenue Matching Summary Report
ARHBOGEN Used in the TCA Business Object Event System to dynamically generate infrastructural logic
ARHBOEVENTRAISE Raises events for the TCA Business Object Event System
ARHBOCLEANSE Maintains the TCA Business Object Event System, deleting unnecessary information from infrastructural data
ARHDQMSETUP DQM : Generate XML Data for the Diagnostic Reports
ARHDQMS DQM Shadow Staging Program
ARHDQMSSTW DQM Shadow Staging Worker
ARHDQMSCR DQM Shadow Index Creation Program
ARHDQMSS DQM Serial Sync Index Program for online flow
ARHDQMPP DQM Parallel Sync Index Parent Program
ARHDQMPC DQM Parallel Sync Index Child Program
ARHGEOEU Update Geography Element Columns
ARHSUFXS Corrects corrupted primary flag for Party Site Use.
ARXPIREP Potential Reconciling Items Report
ARXUNAJR Unapplied and Unresolved Receipts Journal Report
ARXAPPJR Applied Receipts Journal
ARXCMGJR On Account Credit Memo Gain and Loss Journal
RXAROTHR Rx: Other Receipt Applications Report – Extract
RXARUNAR RX-only: Unapplied and Unresolved Receipts Register : Extract
ARXCUABR Cumulative Activity Balance Report
ARHCOEXM Copy Organization Extensions Data for Profile Versioning
ARHCOEXS Worker for the Copy Organization Extensions Data for Profile Versioning Program
ARHCPEXM Copy Person Extensions Data for Profile Versioning
ARHCPEXS Worker for the Copy Person Extensions Data for Profile Versioning Program
ARPVDRUPD Tax Partner: AR Effective Tax Rate Update Master Concurrent Program
ARTAXRATE Tax Partner: Effective Tax Rate Update Child Concurrent Program
ARACCPB Submit Accounting
ARBRCSBM Spanish Bills Receivable CSB Remittance Format Report
ARCCAUTOCON Automatic Credit Card correction program
ARDLPH Dunning Letter Print
ARGLRECR AR to GL Reconciliation Report
ARI_PRINT_NOTIFY Multi Print Request Notification
ARRXDFRV Contingency Based Deferred Revenue
ARRXEXRV Revenue Exceptions Report
ARRXOTHR Rx: Other Receipt Applications Report – Extract(1)
ARRXUNAC Unapplied and Unresolved Receipts Register – RXi
ARXADJJR Adjustments Journal Report
ARXCMP Customer Credit Snapshot New for 11i.3 onwards – Obsolete
ARXLAUPGCP Upgrade Historical Receivables Transactions for Subledger Accounting
ARXWRTCON Automatic Receipt Write-off Program
AR_AUTORECAPI Automatic Receipts Creation Program
AUTOREMAPI Automatic Remittances Creation Program
BR_AUTO_CREATE Bills Receivable Auto Creation Program
RAXCBR2 Commitment Balance Report (Summary/Detail)
ARBFB_CONF Accept or Reject Balance Forward Bill
ARBFB_GEN Generate Balance Forward Bills
ARCALATE Receivables Late Charge Generation Child Program
ARCALATM Receivables Late Charges Generation Master Program
ARLCRPT Late Charges Report
ARLCPW Create Late Charge Documents per worker and batch
ARLCSM Late Charge documents integration master program called from UI
ARCRPRRPT Print Cash Receipts for Israel
AROBRR AR Open Balances Revaluation Report
ARAGGVATSTMT Aggregate VAT statement – Slovakia
ARBARL_XML Revenue Recognition
ARBRATBR_XML Automatic Transactions Batch Report
ARBRRMBM_XML Bills Receivable Remittance Batch Management Report
ARBRRMLT_XML Bills Receivable Reminder Letters
ARBPAIPMP_TR BPA Invoice Transaction Print Program – Turkey
ARDLPH_XML Dunning Letter Print
ARBPAIPMP_RU BPA Invoice Transaction Print Program – Russia
ARBPAIPMP_IL BPA Invoice Transaction Print Program – Israel
ARHDUNDP_XML Duplicate DUNS Report
ARHGDPRQ_XML DNB Global Data Products Request Report
ARPOMIGREP_XML AR – Profile Option Migration Report
ARXAGE_XML Aging – 4 Bucket Reports
ARXAGFW_XML Aging –  By Account Report
ARXAGLW_XML Aging – By Collector Report
ARXAGRW_XML Aging – By Salesperson/Agent Report
ARXAGSW_XML Aging- 7 Bucket Report
ARXAPFRC_XML Format Automatic Receipts
ARXAPIPM_XML Transactions Awaiting Consolidation
ARXAPRCB_XML Automatic Receipt Batch Management Report
ARXAPRCF_XML Automatic Receipts Awaiting Confirmation
ARXAPRCL_XML Receipts Awaiting Bank Clearance Report
ARXAPRMB_XML Remittance Batch Management Report
ARSTMTRPT Customer Statement Report
ARCUSBALSL AR Customer Balance Statement Letter – Hungary
AR_ADV_BAL_SEL_CURR Balance of Advance Received in Selected Currency
ARXCTA_XML Adjustment Approval Report
ARXCURLL_XML Customer Relationships Listing
ARXDIR_XML Disputed Invoice Report
ARXDKI_XML Receivables Key Indicators – Daily
ARXDPR_XML Shows user possible discount exposure
ARXFRV_XML Projected Gains and Losses Report
ARXFXGL_XML Cross Currency Exchange Gain/Loss Report
ARXGRL_XML Ordering and Grouping Rules Listing Report
ARXINREV_XML Open Items Revaluation Report
ARXINVAD_XML Audit Report by Document Number
ARXKIR_XML Receivables Key Indicators – Summary
ARXNROPN_XML Notes Receivable Report
ARXNRREV_XML Reversed Notes Receivable Report
ARXPAR_XML AutoCash Rules Report
ARXPDI_XML Past Due Invoice Report
ARXPIREP_XML Potential Reconciling Items Report
ARXRBRD_XML Bank Risk Report
ARXRECON_XML AR Reconciliation Report
ARXREV_XML Reversed Receipts Report
ARXRJR_XML Receipt Journal Report
ARXRWS_XML Receipts Without Sites Report
ARXSOC2_XML Deposited Cash Report – Applied Detail
ARXSOC_XML Deposited Cash Report – Open Detail
ARXTDR_XML Transaction Detail Report
ARZACS_XML Automatic Clearing for Receipts
ARZCARPO_XML Execution report for C program ARZCAR
RAXCBR_XML Commitment Balance Report
RAXCUSLR_XML Customer Listing – Detail
RAXGLA_XML Sales Journal By Customer
RAXGLR_XML Sales Journal by GL Account
RAXICI_XML Transactions where the receivable balancing segment != revenue balancing segment
RAXIIR_XML Incomplete Invoices Report (XML)
RAXIKI_XML Key Indicators – Daily Summary
RAXINPS_XML Invoices Posted to Suspense
RAXINV_ADJ_XML Invoice Print Selected Adjustments
RAXINV_BATCH_XML Invoice Print a Batch of Invoices
RAXINV_NEW_XML Invoice Print New Invoices
RAXINVPR_XML Invoice Print Preview Report
RAXINV_SEL_XML Invoice Print Selected Invoices
RAXINX_XML Lists all invoices not open receivable
RAXNCAR_XML Other Applications Report
RAXPTL_XML Print a listing of the Payment Terms and Term Lines
RAXSKI_XML Key Indicators Report — Summary
RAXTTL_XML Print a listing of the Transaction Types
ARHLVOUT_XML Import Batch De-Duplication Report
AUTOREC_PARALLEL Automatic Receipts Creation Program
ARATAPPM Automatic Cash Application Master Program
ARATAPPC Automatic Cash Application Child Program
ARSJGLARPT Sales Journal by GL Account Report using XLA Journal Entries Report data extract
ARXAGFMX Aging – 7 Buckets  – By Account – Multi-Fund Accounts Receivable
ARXAGEXT AR Aging Extract Program
ARXAPFRM_XML Print Remittances
ARXAPRRM_XML Receipts Awaiting Remittance Report
ARYVTSLD_XML European Sales Listing
RAXARL_XML Accounting Rules Report
RAXCUS_XML Customer Listing – Summary
RAXILL_XML Print a listing of the Standard Memo Lines
RAXMRP_XML Duplicate Customer Report
RAXSOL_XML Print a listing of the Batch Sources
ARPBMP Postbatch Master Program
AUTOCLEAR Automatic Clearing for Receipts
ARAREMMB Automatic Remittances Creation Program
ARCAOAB Assign Work Items to Cash Application Owners
ARWLREW Work Load Review Report

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