Enterprise Asset Management Concurrent Programs

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Concurrent Programs

EAMANIMP Asset Number Import Program
EAMANIMW Asset Number Import Worker Program
EAMGEIMP Asset Genealogy Import Program
EAMGEIMW Asset Genealogy Import Worker Program
EAMCVTWO EAM Convert Forecasted Work Orders
EAMIMETR EAM Meter Reading Import
EAMWOPR EAM Work Order Processor
EAMWOSCH EAM Work Order Scheduler
EAMPMSDU EAM PM Schedules Generator
EAMWRREP EAM Work Package Report
EAMPEQDP Load Production Equipment Maintenance Downtime
EAMWSREP EAM Weekly Schedule report
EAMMIRPKL Material issue request pick list report
EAMTROTL Retrieve Timecard Data from OTL to EAM and Perform Resource Transaction
EAMWONBD Concurrent program to update PO/requisition need-by date for maintenance work orders
EAMUWOTSR Updates Text Search Repository with created/updated Work Orders
EAMCDCL Close Discrete Jobs
EAMMATSB Concurrent Program to check the material shortage of a work order
EAMVTCIS Update Intermedia Index
EAMFOGEN Generate an eAM Forecast
EAMPEVLG Purge Event Log
EAMWOIMP Work Order Import Program
EAMMIRPKL_XML Material issue request pick list report
EAMWSREP_XML EAM Weekly Schedule report

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