Oracle Payables Forms

Oracle Accounts Payables module forms:

APXALLOC Charge Allocations
APXAMDOP Define Periods
APXAMDPT Define Period Types
APXCUMSP Define System Options and Defaults
APXIIFIX Fix Open Interface Invoices
APXIISIM Quick Invoices
APXIMTCH Correct Unmatched Invoice
APXINAWT Projected Withholding Tax
APXINWKB Invoice Workbench
APXIWALL Invoice Overview
APXPAWKB Payment Workbench
APXPBSET Payment Batch Set
APXPGSUB Submit Purge
APXPMTCH Match to Purchase Order
APXPWALL Payment Overview
APXRICAD Recurring Invoices
APXRMTCH Match to Receipts
APXSPDPF Define Payment Formats
APXSSFSO Define Financials Options
APXSSSOB Set of Books
APXSUAPL Set Up Aging Periods
APXSUDAP Define Automatic Payment Programs
APXSUDBC Define Bank Charges
APXSUDCC Maintain Countries and Territories
APXSUDIP Define Payment Interest Rates
APXSUIAC Define Invoice Approvals
APXSUMBA Set Up Bank Information
APXSUMDS Maintain Distribution Sets
APXSUMMT Define Tolerances
APXSUMPS Control Period Statuses
APXSUMVT Define Payment Terms
APXTADRR Define Tax Recovery Rules
APXTADTC Define Tax Names
APXTADTR Define Income Tax Regions
APXTBCKT View Period-to-Date Withheld Amounts
APXTCERT Tax Certificates and Exceptions
APXTGRPS Withholding Tax Groups
APXTRDRE Define Reporting Entities
APXUPDAE Update Accounting Entries
APXVDDUP Vendor Merge
APXVDMVD Enter Vendor
APXVWENC View Encumbrances
APXWCARD Credit Cards
APXWCODE Credit Card Code Sets
APXWCTRX Credit Card Transactions
APXWGSET Credit Card GL Sets
APXWPROF Credit Card Profiles
APXWPROG Credit Card Programs
APXWSLMT Employee Signing Limits
APXXXDER Define Expense Reports
APXXXEER XpenseXpress
APXSYSOP Define Payables System Setup
APXPRCOR Correct Matched Invoice
APXIAWHS Invoice Approval History
APXTVBNK View Transmissions Form
APXTSBNK Define Bank Transmission Setup Information
APXWTRXF Transaction Fees

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